Accelerating Trends in Law Firms

Consulting editor(s): Peter Zeughauser

This book will provide valuable insights and guidance on the current key trends in law firms and how best to embrace and harness them for continued success. It brings together world-renowned, skilled experts with different perspectives on the key challenges and opportunities that have arisen in the last few years, and continue to increase in importance, including diversity and inclusion, remote working, and workforce wellbeing.

Publication date: Nov 2021
ISBN: 9781787424227
Length: 256 pages
Price: £125.00

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Adjusting the Numbers:

The Future of Finance in Law Firms

Author(s): James D Cotterman, Stuart Dodds, Tim Corcoran, Mary Juetten, Richard Brzakala, Louis Young, Andrew O'Connor, Andy Poole

Adjusting the Numbers: The Future of Finance in Law Firms looks back at a year like no other in our lifetimes, highlighting pricing, budgeting, strategic planning and people management principles, and identifying good compensation practices that can be applied during the pandemic, its gradual cessation, and beyond. 

Publication date: Mar 2021
ISBN: 9781783584048
Length: 79 pages
Price: £142.00

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Brand Strategy and Management for Law Firms

Author(s): Sean Larkan

This report presents a comprehensive framework and guidelines for developing a brand strategy tailored to your firm.

Publication date: Nov 2012
ISBN: 9781908640536
Length: 132 pages
Price: £295.00

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Bridging the Gender Pay Gap in Law Firms

Author(s): Stephanie Hawthorne

This Special Report focuses on law firms' gender pay gaps with statistics from the top 50 law firms. This follows new UK government regulations that came into force in April 2017 which required statutory reporting of the gender pay gap for the first time. The report analyses what individual law firms are doing to fix the gender pay gap, including work allocation, mentoring, maternity support, parental leave, women lawyers’ networks with analysis from HR directors and lawyers.  This cutting edge report will be essential reading for law firm management and practitioners keen to understand the gender pay gap in law.

Publication date: Dec 2018
ISBN: 9781787422124
Length: 71 pages
Price: £45.00

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Building Enduring Client Loyalty: A Guide for Lawyers and Their Firms

Author(s): Susan Saltonstall Duncan

This Special Report addresses the key components of building superior client relationships that result in greater loyalty and long-term success. Featuring case studies and insights from leading companies and business professionals responsible for law firm selection and oversight, it covers legal operations, innovation and client development, and includes a wealth of practical suggestions.

Publication date: Feb 2021
ISBN: 9781787424708
Length: 176 pages
Price: £75.00

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Building Your Professional Profile: How to Enhance Your Career and Win Business

Author(s): Rebecca Harding

With so much information available about professionals online, it is essential to actively manage your own profile and not leave it to chance. This Special Report will show you how to build a stronger public, professional profile in order to attract opportunities, enhance career progression and win new business. At the end of the report, you will have put together your own practical, personal profile plan and will be able put it into action.  

Publication date: Apr 2021
ISBN: 9781787423541
Length: 88 pages
Price: £75.00

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Building an Outstanding Legal Team:

Battle-Tested Strategies from a General Counsel

Author(s): Bjarne P Tellmann

In this practical “how to” guide, Bjarne P Tellmann, General Counsel and SVP of Pearson, draws upon more than 20 years of leading top legal organisations across Europe, Asia and the United States to provide a structured plan for upgrading your legal team in an age of disruption.

Publication date: Apr 2017
ISBN: 9781911078203
Length: 347 pages
Price: £48.00

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Building the Sustainable Law Firm: Developing and Implementing an ESG Strategy

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Author(s): Robert van Beemen, Sophie Boyer Chammard

This Special Report looks at the business drivers for sustainability in law firms and offers a practical toolkit to guide law firms on their ESG journey. It discusses how the development of robust, long-term ESG initiatives can provide law firms with manifold benefits, including the opportunity to gain competitive advantage; attract, engage and retain clients and employeees; increase value and service offerings to clients; and enter new markets. 

Publication date: Jun 2022
ISBN: 9781787428072
Length: 143 pages
Price: £125.00

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for Law Firms

Author(s): Caroline Poynton

This vital new resource will provide you with the necessary tools to ensure that your firm is equipped to respond quickly and effectively to any business disruption, thereby preventing far-reaching repercussions on revenue, incoming work and reputation.

Publication date: Sep 2008
ISBN: 9781906355302
Length: 126 pages
Price: £295.00

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Business Development:

A Practical Handbook for Lawyers, Second Edition

Consulting editor(s): Stephen Revell, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP, on behalf of the International Bar Association

In an increasingly competitive landscape and with challenges from disrupters, the Big 4 and technology, business development has a pivotal role in a law firms’ strategic success and their ability to stand out from the crowd. 

The second edition of Business Development: A Practical Handbook for Lawyers, edited by Stephen Revell from Freshfields, revisits the theory, tools and skills needed to implement effective business development in law firms today. Content covers the practical elements – such as what the perfect pitch looks like – as well as the strategic elements, including the variety of structures and approaches to business development at law firms of all sizes.

Publication date: Apr 2020
ISBN: 9781787423343
Length: 339 pages
Price: £140.00

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Business Thinking in Practice for In-House Counsel

Taking Your Seat at the Table

Author(s): Catherine McGregor

Business Thinking in Practice for In-house Counsel: Taking Your Seat at the Table takes a practical look at key concepts from influential business theory and illustrates how these are applicable to managing or working in an in-house legal department.

Topics covered include purpose, culture, talent and innovation, all of which intersect to provide the structure and framework for legal teams to create a competitive edge. Each chapter features an interview and case study with a general counsel and/or legal team to demonstrate how business concepts can be used in-house most effectively.

Publication date: Aug 2020
ISBN: 9781787423268
Length: 423 pages
Price: £65.00

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Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession, Second edition

Consulting editor(s): Globe Law and Business and The Centre for Legal Leadership

This Special Report explores strategies for maximising inclusion and diversity in the legal profession both in-house and in private practice. The second edition has been fully updated to take into account the pandemic and the adverse impact this has had on diversity and inclusion, along with other developments and includes new chapters on belief, ageism, mental health and intersectionality. 

Publication date: Apr 2022
ISBN: 9781787428546
Length: 168 pages
Price: £95.00

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Effective Practice Group Leadership, Second Edition

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Author(s): Susan Saltonstall Duncan, Susan Raridon Lambreth, Dr Larry Richard, Michael Roster, Jonathan Fortnam, Neil Lloyd, Norman K. Clark, Colin Jasper, Patrick J. McKenna, John Sterling, Hannah Beko

Consulting editor(s): Alex Davies

Law firm practice group leadership is not for the faint hearted. As firms compete increasingly at practice group level, leaders are being asked to run their groups like business units; to develop and implement a strategic plan that supports the goals and competitiveness of the firm; and to coordinate and lead their partners to enhance the efficiency, performance, and profitability of their groups. With contributions from a wide range of experts, this second edition of Effective Practice Group Leadership builds on the first with new insights and thought leadership. The book examines the position of the practice group leader (PGL) in law firms today, the challenges of the role, and the changes to it, innovations and how modern practice groups are changing, and demonstrates the enormous contribution PGLs can make to the profitability and performance of their law firms, when armed with the tools and the authority.

Publication date: May 2022
ISBN: 9781787428690
Length: 120 pages
Price: £149.00

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Essential Soft Skills for Lawyers: What They Are and How to Develop Them

Author(s): Kim Tasso

This Special Report offers a research-based view into the importance of soft skills for modern lawyers and how law firms develop essential soft skills – whether to comply with SRA rules, to lead productive teams, to provide the best service to clients or to grow their practice. This report is the guide to developing the skills needed to get ahead and stay ahead in your legal career.

Publication date: Jun 2020
ISBN: 9781787423381
Length: 191 pages
Price: £95.00

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Future-proof Your Legal Career

10 Core Areas of Professional Development

Author(s): Clare Jones, Steve Couch, Hannah Beko

Through exploring ten core areas of professional development for lawyers, discover in this book how to unleash yourself from your barriers and future-proof your legal career today. Content covers everything from self-discovery, through to thought-leadership and pitching as well as the skills and behaviours that underpin success. It will help senior level lawyers looking to build a lasting reputation, successful practice and sustainable, balanced career and provide clarity about your value and a deeper understanding of how to develop client relationships, as well as uncovering challenges to your progress and identifying priority next steps to make everything you do more effective.

Publication date: Dec 2021
ISBN: 9781787424265
Length: 232 pages
Price: £65.00

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General Counsel in the 21st Century:

Challenges and Opportunities

Consulting editor(s): Christoph H Vaagt and Wolf Peter Gross on behalf of the International Bar Association

This unique new handbook, produced in association with the International Bar Association, includes chapters by leading experts on a diverse range of topics, explaining how legal departments can best support the businesses they serve, devise astute legal strategies, collaborate with other departments to optimum effect and source the skill sets they need, among other things. The consulting editors, Chris Vaagt and Wolf Peter Gross, have both been advisers to legal departments since 1997.

Publication date: Sep 2015
ISBN: 9781909416772
Length: 226 pages
Price: £128.00

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Good Governance in Law Firms:

A Strategic Approach to Executive Decision Making and Management Structures

Consulting editor(s): Norman K Clark on behalf of the International Bar Association

How can good governance help law firm owners to make better decisions?  How can governance incorporate management information and concepts of risk management into the decision-making process? The fourth in this popular series on the business of law, published in association with the International Bar Association, the book concludes with an examination of emerging trends that will shape law firm governance in the future. 

Publication date: Apr 2014
ISBN: 9781909416208
Length: 234 pages
Price: £98.00

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Knowledge Management in Law Firms:

Expertise in Action

Consulting editor(s): Luis Felipe Mohando, Silke Gotschalk, Martin Schulz and Gerard Tanja

In this timely book produced in association with the International Bar Association, more than a dozen renowned knowledge management professionals provide their expert insights on all aspects of managing knowledge in a law firm. Topics covered include: building the business case for a knowledge management plan; implementing an agreed strategy; organising the knowledge management function; implementing enterprise search technology; and fostering the contribution of lawyers to their clients’ perspective on learning and quality.

Publication date: Nov 2016
ISBN: 9781911078135
Length: 185 pages
Price: £125.00

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Law Firm Mergers: Lessons from Successful Strategic Combinations

Author(s): Kent M Zimmermann, John E Morris

Mergers and acquisitions of law firms of all sizes have become increasingly common as competition for talent and business intensifies and leading firms dominate the market in size and profitability. Lawyers and law firm leaders contemplating the future of their firms need to understand the changing dynamics of the market, and the ways in which mergers and other combinations may or may not help them fulfil their aspirations. Law Firm Mergers offers both law firm leaders and all partners a way to approach the issues, highlighting the best practices gleaned from successful combinations.

Publication date: May 2022
ISBN: 9781787428454
Length: 104 pages
Price: £95.00

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Law Firm Strategies for the 21st Century:

Strategies for Success, Second Edition

Consulting editor(s): Christoph H Vaagt on behalf of the International Bar Association

The second edition of this practical title in Globe Law and Business’s series on the business of law offers up new ways to think about strategy and how to explore it in the context of a partnership. It aims to help partners understand what they can – and what they should not – do to chart the course of their firm most effectively, and covers current topics such as digitalisation and client acquisition and retention. 

Publication date: Sep 2020
ISBN: 9781787423022
Length: 271 pages
Price: £95.00

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Leadership for Lawyers

Essential Leadership Strategies for Law Firm Success, Second Edition

Consulting editor(s): Rebecca Normand-Hochman and Heidi K Gardner

This second edition, coordinated by Rebecca Normand-Hochman and Dr Heidi K Gardner on behalf of the International Bar Association, explores the crucial elements of law firm leadership. New and updated chapters by prominent experts in the field include leading partners to collaborate; leading the M&A process and leadership succession.

Publication date: Jul 2019
ISBN: 9781787422865
Length: 197 pages
Price: £125.00

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Legal Practice Transformation Post-COVID-19

Author(s): Jonathan Fortnam, Stuart Weinstein

Legal Practice Transformation Post-COVID-19 imagines the post-COVID world for legal services and asks what has changed, what will stay the same and what values are critical to ensure the successful operation of legal teams in the post-pandemic age. It will be invaluable reading for lawyers in private practice, in-house counsel, professional support staff and all those involved in the delivery of legal services, to understand what the future of the profession will look like, and how to thrive within it.

Publication date: May 2021
ISBN: 9781787425064
Length: 88 pages
Price: £75.00

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Legal Tech and Digital Transformation: Competitive Positioning and Business Models of Law Firms

Author(s): Gerard Tanja, Robert van Beemen, Rupprecht Graf von Pfeil

This Special Report on Legal Tech and Digital Transformation offers a practical framework on the impact of technology, legal tech and technology-based legal services on the formulation of strategy in law firms; how legal tech affects the competitive positioning and business model of law firms and how national and international law firms implement technology. The report will offer essential reading for law firm leaders concerned with how to engage effectively with legal tech today.

Publication date: Dec 2018
ISBN: 9781787422087
Length: 62 pages
Price: £55.00

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Managing Talent for Success:

Talent Development in Law Firms, Second Edition

Consulting editor(s): Rebecca Normand-Hochman on behalf of the International Bar Association

The second edition of this book coordinated by Rebecca Normand-Hochman explores the various elements of what law firms can do to "manage talent" in the most effective ways as well as to overcome the challenges that firms often encounter in their efforts. Topics covered include setting the foundations of a successful talent management strategy, new approaches to managing performance, leading lawyers through change, effective teamwork and collaboration, cultural intelligence and how to develop innovative mindsets for future challenges.   

Publication date: Nov 2020
ISBN: 9781787423749
Length: 259 pages
Price: £125.00

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Managing and Developing Your Career as an In-house Lawyer

Author(s): Ian White, Simon McCall

Managing and Developing Your Career as an In-house Lawyer by Ian White and Simon McCall is a companion to their report Your Role as General Counsel: How to Survive and Thrive in Your Role as GC. It seeks to provide practical ideas and tips on how a busy in-house lawyer can actively manage their own development. The aim is to help them perform more effectively in their current role and also prepare them for promotion or a move elsewhere.

Publication date: Oct 2022
ISBN: 9781787428515
Length: 90 pages
Price: £75.00

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Mentoring and Coaching for Lawyers:

Building Partnerships for Success

Consulting editor(s): Rebecca Normand-Hochman

This practical new handbook, coordinated by Rebecca Normand-Hochman on behalf of the International Bar Association, explores and challenges some of these assumptions. Featuring chapters by well-respected experts in the field of mentoring and coaching, chapters cover topics including leadership coaching for law firm leaders; mentoring and coaching for lawyers at various stages of their careers; and mentoring and coaching for successful onboarding of lawyers, among other topics.

Publication date: Oct 2014
ISBN: 9781909416413
Length: 214 pages
Price: £118.00

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Modern Lawyer Journal

Ideas for Legal Leaders

Editor(s): Isabel Parker

There has never been a more exciting time to be a lawyer or a professional working in legal services.  The landscape is changing rapidly: we are seeing new entrants to the market, Gen Z redefining the future of work, an increased focus on diversity, purpose and sustainability, and a rapid acceleration of digitisation.  These changes impact both the practice of law and the business of law.  To navigate this new landscape, lawyers and allied professionals need a forum to exchange ideas and learn from each other.  This is what the Modern Lawyer journal provides. 

Issue date: Apr 2022
ISSN: 2634-548X
Frequency: Quarterly
Price per annum: £295.00

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Next Stage Legal Project Management:

Future-proof Your Matter Management

Consulting editor(s): Ignaz Fuesgen

Corporate legal teams and law firms have made significant investments in their legal project management programmes over the past few years. It is time to take stock and, more importantly, envision future interventions. Written by practitioners for practitioners, this title will benefit General Counsel, legal COOs, managing partners, practice leaders and other executives running legal services delivery teams who have initiated legal project management programmes and seek new ideas and inspiration for more value creation. Practical and illustrative examples, case studies and many shared experiences direct the reader towards the next level of proficiency in legal project management – future-proofing your matter management.

Publication date: Mar 2021
ISBN: 9781787424180
Length: 272 pages
Price: £95.00

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Next-Generation Corporate Libraries and Information Services

Author(s): Ard Constance

Next-Generation Corporate Libraries and Information Services will provide you with the information you require to benchmark your strategies, ensure you continue to deliver the services that are required, and demonstrate your vital and integral role in how your organisation operates.

Publication date: Sep 2009
ISBN: 9781906355609
Length: 98 pages
Price: £295.00

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Outsourcing of Core Legal Service Functions: How to Capitalise on Opportunities for Law Firms

Consulting editor(s): Norman K Clark

Law firms of all sizes are discovering opportunities from outsourcing some of their core operating functions that have traditionally been performed in-house. This Special Report outlines a highly firm-specific approach to identify and prioritise the components of a business case for outsourcing, as well as in-depth examinations of three representative types of outsourced services that are available to law firms. It provides a step-by-step guide to a well-informed outsourcing decision as well as a roadmap for implementing it in a way that produces the best return on the law firm’s investment of management attention and resources.

Publication date: Jan 2021
ISBN: 9781787424104
Length: 128 pages
Price: £95.00

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Partner Remuneration in Law Firms:

A Guide to Reward Structures, Performance Management and Decision-Making

Consulting editor(s): Michael Roch, Internal Consulting and Polina Pavlova, Willis Towers Watson

This practical book, published on behalf of the International Bar Association, is full of real-life examples and addresses a variety of issues to be considered when designing, managing or administering partner remuneration / compensation systems. It will be of interest to managing and senior partners, board members, HR directors and remuneration committee members of local, national and regional law firms alike.

Publication date: Aug 2016
ISBN: 9781911078067
Length: 179 pages
Price: £145.00

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Partner Retirement in Law Firms: Strategies for Partners, Law Firms and Other Professional Services

Consulting editor(s): Ronnie Fox

Many professionals, especially those who own all or part of their firm, find it difficult to think about retirement. Partner Retirement in Law Firms is designed to help reduce procrastination and encourage proactive retirement planning. In this new Special Report, expert contributors provide tips and guidance for navigating the difficult aspects of retirement in the broad context of career planning. 

Publication date: Mar 2020
ISBN: 9781787423428
Length: 136 pages
Price: £95.00

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Pitching for Lawyers: Using Marketing Communications Techniques to Improve your Win Ratio

Author(s): Rebecca Harding

This unmissable report will give you a practical approach and a clear process to improve your pitching and responses to tenders. It covers areas such as common mistakes, in depth analysis of your audience, messaging and tone, persuading, what researching really means when pitching, visual differentiation, and cross border pitching. It also includes feedback and case studies from in house lawyers and partners, who have seen or made the worst of pitches, and the most outstanding. 

Publication date: Sep 2019
ISBN: 9781787422742
Length: 72 pages
Price: £75.00

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Recruiting and Retaining Lawyers:

Innovative Strategies to Attract, Develop and Retain Legal Talent

Consulting editor(s): Rebecca Normand-Hochman on behalf of the International Bar Association

This practical handbook, coordinated by Rebecca Normand-Hochman on behalf of the International Bar Association, explores the opportunities and challenges for adopting effective recruitment, development and retention strategies. Featuring chapters by leading experts in the field, the topics covered include the new employer proposition, equipping partners with the skills and abilities to retain talent, working with legal search consultants, and ways to approach the recruitment and retention of talented people in first-generation law firms.

Publication date: Mar 2017
ISBN: 9781911078159
Length: 177 pages
Price: £138.00

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Regulation, Compliance and Ethics in Law Firms, Second Edition

Author(s): Tracey Calvert

Regulation, compliance and ethics are the three common features of all well-run law firms. This second edition has been updated to reflect the replacement of the SRA Handbook with the new regulatory toolkit, the SRA Standards and Regulations, in order to help lawyers acknowledge and develop strategies to accommodate risk management, regulatory and legal compliance and ethical values in their business.

Publication date: Jul 2020
ISBN: 9781787423787
Length: 249 pages
Price: £75.00

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Risk Management for Law Firms: 3rd Edition

Author(s): Frank Maher

Risk Management for Law Firms, 3rd Edition provides an in-depth analysis of key risk areas within the firm and aims to help firms meet new and emerging challenges with clear, practical examples.

Publication date: Jan 2009
ISBN: 9781906355418
Length: 102 pages
Price: £295.00

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Risk Management in Law Firms:

Strategies for Safeguarding the Future

Consulting editor(s): Hermann J Knott on behalf of the International Bar Association

This new book has been prepared by a number of well-known and authoritative authors, the majority of whom are from Anglo-Saxon jurisdictions, but with experience in civil law jurisdictions as well. Chapters address financial risks (which have been an important factor in recent collapses of law firms), risks brought by clients as well as risks associated with quality, conflict, hiring and practice integration procedures. 

Publication date: Sep 2014
ISBN: 9781909416444
Length: 303 pages
Price: £115.00

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Smart Collaboration for In-house Legal Teams

Author(s): Dr Heidi K Gardner

In-house legal teams are under more pressure than ever to add value to their organisations. This Special Report combines the rigour of Harvard research with a pragmatic focus based on input from hundreds of General Counsels, in-house lawyers, CEOs and board members to show why and how legal teams work across silos – what we call ‘Smart Collaboration.’ It includes the business case, practical tips, case studies and tools to help legal teams master the four essential ‘vectors’ of collaboration. 

Publication date: Apr 2020
ISBN: 9781787423503
Length: 144 pages
Price: £75.00

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Smart Collaboration for Lateral Hiring: Successful Strategies to Recruit and Integrate Laterals in Law Firms

Author(s): Dr Heidi K Gardner, Anusia E Gillespie

This Special Report offers a new, research-based approach for law firms to improve their lateral hiring process and results by engaging new hires in smart collaboration.  Laterals who collaborate with their new colleagues are significantly more likely to stay with the firm longer, to hit or exceed their targets, and to thrive professionally.  Firms need a well-constructed plan, a relentless focus on execution, and clear accountability processes if they expect to help laterals achieve two-way collaboration quickly and efficiently.  This Special Report offers the tools, processes, and best practices for successful implementation.

Publication date: Oct 2018
ISBN: 9781787421967
Length: 103 pages
Price: £68.00

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Social Media in Business Development and Relationship Management: A Guide for Lawyers

Author(s): Kim Tasso

This Special Report provides a practical introduction to social media for lawyers. By avoiding technical details and jargon, it offers a pragmatic guide on how all lawyers – irrespective of industry sector, firm size or client base – can successfully integrate social media into their marketing, business development and client relationship management programmes. 


Publication date: Oct 2018
ISBN: 9781787422360
Length: 120 pages
Price: £55.00

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Strategies for Growth in Law Firms

Consulting editor(s): Gerard Tanja and Robert van Beemen - Venturis Consulting Group

Increasingly, international law firms are making it a strategic priority to expand their professional reach and enter new markets. Strategies for Growth in Law Firms provides in-depth insights, practical tools and case studies covering the methodologies, execution and implementation of growth strategies for law firms. In addition, it gives an overview of developments in the main international legal markets and of the different international growth strategies pursued by international law firms, the Big Four and alternative legal service providers.

Publication date: Mar 2021
ISBN: 9781787423664
Length: 249 pages
Price: £125.00

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Stress and Burnout in Law Firms: Leadership Challenges and Choices

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Author(s): Lisa M Walker Johnson

This practical guide summons lawyers, leaders and managers to greater alertness about stress-producing factors in the workplace and to more effective applications of practical responses and methods in the special conditions and circumstances of the practice of law in today’s often intense and highly competitive environment. It is written expressly for professional colleagues who want to work together in common cause to bring greater awareness to wellness needs and to minimise excessive stress or distress in the legal workplace, positively impacting workplace culture, professional relationships, firm reputation, talent retention and profitability.

Publication date: Jun 2022
ISBN: 9781787428607
Length: 224 pages
Price: £125.00

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Successful Digital Transformation in Law Firms:

A Question of Culture

Author(s): Isabel Parker

Written by one of the most respected leaders of law firm innovation, this book will help those contemplating or leading digital change in law firms to develop and execute a compelling digital transformation strategy. With a particular focus on the cultural and organisational challenges inherent in a law firm partnership, the book provides practical advice on how to effect meaningful and sustainable change.

Publication date: Nov 2021
ISBN: 9781787423824
Length: 341 pages
Price: £65.00

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Succession Planning:

Ensuring Smooth Transitions for Lawyers and their Firms

Author(s): Sandra J Boyer, Hermann Knott, Susan Saltonstall Duncan, Jaap Bosman, August J Aquila, Pam Loch, Veronica Mann, Shelley Dunstone, Ronnie Fox

A successful succession encompasses two core elements: transitioning firm management to a new generation, and transferring client relationships. This title provides guidance not only on how these two transitions can be achieved effectively, from the perspectives of both individual partners and the firm, but also on the plethora of issues involved in preparing for the departure of retiring partners and transitioning in new leadership, including compensation, the role of diversity and inclusion and financial considerations. It also considers situations where more specific and specialised plans may be required, such as managing the succession of a rainmaker or when a sole practitioner sells their practice.

Publication date: Feb 2022
ISBN: 9781787428393
Length: 79 pages
Price: £95.00

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Sustainable Profitability in a Disrupted Legal Market

Author(s): Norman K. Clark, Lisa Walker Johnson

This special report presents practical strategies for law firms to protect and sustain their financial performance and profitability as changing client expectations, advanced technology, and global competitive forces are fundamentally changing the legal services industry. The authors demonstrate how the traditional factors influencing profitability remain valid, but must be adapted to new financial realities. The report focuses not only on what sustainable profitability means, but also how to achieve it in any law firm.

Publication date: Feb 2019
ISBN: 9781787422667
Length: 103 pages
Price: £65.00

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The Agile Law Firm

Author(s): Chris Bull

This Special Report is the essential guide for every law firm leader who wants to move beyond the reactive to the strategic adoption of proven agile principles. Being able to adapt smartly to client needs, competitor threats and employee expectations are at the core of this report, which is built around a self-assessment tool and practical framework for implementing Agile. It also provides examples of Agile programme outlines for law firms large and small which can be adapted depending on individual needs. In short, this report includes everything law firm leaders need to get started on their own agile journey.

Publication date: May 2021
ISBN: 9781787424548
Length: 207 pages
Price: £95.00

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The Art and Craft of Judgment Writing:

A Primer for Common Law Judges

Author(s): Max Barrett

Judges are increasingly aware that the best way of enhancing public confidence in court systems is not only by providing a quality service but doing so compassionately and respectfully. The art and craft of judgment writing is a critical element of this process. Written by Dr Max Barrett, a judge of the High Court of Ireland, this book looks at the judgments of historically great judgment writers from the US, UK and wider common law world (in particular Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Israel and New Zealand). Individual chapters focus on subjects such as judgment purpose, length, style and structure, concurring and dissenting judgments, judgment writing for children and vulnerable parties, as well as more general lessons in good writing offered by great authors from Orwell to Twain.

Publication date: Apr 2022
ISBN: 9781787428577
Length: 373 pages
Price: £95.00

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The Art of the Law Firm Merger

Author(s): Jeff Gillingham

The Art of the Law Firm Merger gives you a clear understanding of the merger process from start to finish including how and when to recognise the indicators that the merger is not in the best interests of your firm. It provides templates and methodologies that ensure the success of your chosen merger and that your primary goals are achieved.

Publication date: Mar 2009
ISBN: 9781906355470
Length: 100 pages
Price: £295.00

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The Business of Law:

Strategies for Success

Consulting editor(s): The International Bar Association

This high-level title, published in conjunction with the International Bar Association (IBA), brings together the expertise of IBA members and experienced practitioners to produce a practical guide to law firm management and building a successful business.

Publication date: Mar 2012
ISBN: 9781905783618
Length: 173 pages
Price: £124.00

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The In-house Counsel Compliance Companion

Author(s): Tracey Calvert

In-house counsel must be able to identify and comply with the non-negotiable regulatory and ethical duties expected of them by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. This book provides guidance on essential regulatory and ethical knowledge. The challenges of in-house practice are discussed with commentary on the tensions that might exist such as when the business is global or when business risks are not managed properly. It contains contributions from thought leaders and experts, and case studies and examples of disciplinary action are used to support your understanding of this essential topic.

Publication date: Jul 2021
ISBN: 9781787424982
Length: 224 pages
Price: £75.00

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The Independent Bar

Insights into a Unique Business Model

Consulting editor(s): David Barnes, Atkin Chambers

This practical guide, edited by David Barnes, Chief Executive & Director of Clerking at Atkin Chambers, provides readers with in-depth insight and advice into the management of chambers including business strategy, international development, talent management and compliance. The book features chapters from some of the most prominent clerks and CEOs currently working within the world of the Bar, as well as experts in accounting and recruitment.

Publication date: Mar 2018
ISBN: 9781787422520
Length: 170 pages
Price: £58.00

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The Lawyer as Leader: How to Own your Career and Lead in Law Firms

Author(s): Antonin Besse

This Special Report is a practical, experience-based guide to personal development at every stage of a lawyer’s career. The author draws on over 30 years as an international commercial lawyer and senior partner in a Magic Circle firm to offer a roadmap for moving from a “What’s expected of me?” mindset to self-leadership and leadership of others. The report’s main theme is that retaking autonomy and control can transform engagement and fulfillment in a legal career.

Publication date: Apr 2019
ISBN: 9781787422322
Length: 119 pages
Price: £45.00

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The Partner Remuneration Handbook:

A Guide to Compensation in Law and Other Professional Service Firms

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Author(s): Michael Roch, Ray D'Cruz

In The Partner Remuneration Handbook, Michael Roch and Ray D’Cruz provide guidance for senior partners, managing partners, partnership boards, remuneration committees and others involved in the partner compensation process (department heads, CFOs, HRDs), on designing effective profit-sharing systems, reaching fair reward decisions efficiently and implementing motivating contribution management processes.

Publication date: Aug 2022
ISBN: 9781787428485
Length: 250 pages
Price: £175.00

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The People Who Run Law Firms: Lessons Learned from Law Firm Leaders

Consulting editor(s): Bill Knight, OBE

This Special Report contains candid interviews with managing and senior partners of law firms large and small, from Europe and the City to the high street and Africa. By lawyers, for lawyers, it tells personal stories about their pathways to the law and gives their views on clients, management, the role of lawyers in society and the issues of the day. It will provide lasting and critical insights into the profession at this time of change and disruption.

Publication date: Jun 2021
ISBN: 9781787424623
Length: 108 pages
Price: £85.00

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The Post-Pandemic Law Firm

Author(s): Wayne Hassay, John Chisholm, Stuart Wilson, Patricia Gillette, Yvonne Nath, Mary Juetten, Jon Whittle, Viv Williams, Sally Kane, Debbie Epstein Henry, Ashley Jordan

The Post-Pandemic Law Firm looks at how law firms can make a paradigm shift, adopting an entirely new business model that focuses on providing outcomes, outputs, and results to their clients and internally places the wellbeing of their team as a cornerstone to the future long-term success and sustainability of the legal profession. Chapters include changes to business models, virtual and remote working, how the pandemic has affected women in the profession, the future of dispute resolution, M&A activity and changes to pricing models – all authored by highly respected practitioners in the modern legal system.

Publication date: Oct 2021
ISBN: 9781787428010
Length: 130 pages
Price: £149.00

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The Rise of Specialist Career Paths in Law Firms

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Author(s): Catherine Hart, Lucy Hall, Clare Harman Clark, Amy Grunske, Rebecca Atkinson, Anne Macdonald, Rachel Brushfield, Hayley Geffin, Amy Monaghan, Tammy Heydenrych, Tom Evans, Nina Gramcko, Claire Shasha, Rebecca Holdredge

The Rise of Specialist Career Paths in Law Firms is the essential guide to the plethora of career opportunities available in law firms beyond traditional fee-earning. It covers more established roles such as the professional support lawyer and pro bono professional, and new, emerging career paths, including in innovation and legal operations, as well as roles that will become available in the future. Written by experts with lived experience performing these roles, chapters provide information and insights into the different opportunities available, the skills needed to thrive in these positions, the responsibilities they entail and how to build careers in these spaces.

Publication date: Jun 2022
ISBN: 9781787428720
Length: 125 pages
Price: £149.00

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The Rule of Law in the 21st Century:

A Worldwide Perspective, Second Edition

Consulting editor(s): Professor Robert A Stein - University of Minnesota Law School, Justice Richard J Goldstone - Constitutional Court of South Africa, and Homer E Moyer, Jr - Miller & Chevalier

This book, published in association with the International Bar Association, examines the concept of the rule of law from a variety of perspectives, beginning with the basic principles and all-important definitional issue of what the term 'rule of law' means, and includes fully updated chapters covering the independence of the judiciary and the internationalisation of the rule of law, as well as several new chapters. 

Publication date: Mar 2022
ISBN: 9781787427952
Length: 320 pages
Price: £95.00

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Thriving in a Multi-generational Law Firm: How to Increase Communication and Collaboration Among Lawyers

Author(s): Pamela DeNeuve, John Grimley

This Special Report identifies the conflicts between the different generations currently working in law firms, which, if they continue on their current trajectory, will compromise the long-held traditions and culture within the legal profession. It will address how generational differences set up conflicts between colleagues and will promote different ways to create positive change and harmony within firms. It contains a key analysis of why associates leave, the cost of turnover (which is in the billions of dollars), and what law firms can do to increase retention and productivity.  

Publication date: Nov 2021
ISBN: 9781787425101
Length: 111 pages
Price: £85.00

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To Innovate or Not to Innovate

A Blueprint for the Law Firm of the Future

Author(s): Darryl Cooke

This book will show you how to reinvent yourself to create a culture that encourages and spawns innovation at every level, both on the micro and macro levels. It leads you through the creation of the infrastructure that is necessary to encourage creativity and that is unique to law firms.

Publication date: May 2019
ISBN: 9781787422483
Length: 183 pages
Price: £65.00

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Your Role as General Counsel: How to Survive and Thrive in your Role as GC

Author(s): Ian White, Simon McCall

By guiding you through the first 100 days in a significant role, this Special Report seeks to address some of the challenges of the demanding role of General Counsel. It will show you how to navigate between acting as wise counsel to management while leading your team successfully. It is a must-read for any current or aspiring GC, in-house legal teams, HR directors, CEOs and private practice lawyers who wish to know what to expect from the in-house teams.

Publication date: Mar 2021
ISBN: 9781787424029
Length: 123 pages
Price: £75.00

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