Author(s): William Glynn - Clyde & Co, Niya Phiri - Clyde & Co, Alexia Howard - Clyde & Co, Simon Konsta - Clyde & Co, Nigel Miller - Fox Williams LLP, Simon Chester - Gowling WLG, Sandy Gill - Gowling WLG, Anousheh Bromfield - Clyde & Co, Charles Kuhn - Clyde & Co, Brian Rogers - The Access Group, Rebecca Atkinson - Howard Kennedy, Frank Maher - Legal Risk LLP, Peter Noyce - Menzies LLP, Noah Fiedler - Barron & Newburger, P.C., Tracey Calvert - Oakalls Consultancy Limited, Jamie Butler - Jamie Butler Coaching Limited, Ruth Bonino - Clyde & Co, Chris Holme - Clyde & Co, Jessica Clay - Kingsley Napley, Iain Miller - Kingsley Napley, Lucinda Soon - Kingsley Napley, Jonathon Bray - Jonathon Bray Limited

Publication date: Oct 2022

Format: Softback

Pages: 195

Price: £149.00

ISBN: 9781787429161

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Effective risk management in law firms has never been more important. Lawyers must contend with the long-standing risks associated with the practice of law, such as anti-money laundering and issues of client confidentiality, as well as new risk areas such as data protection and cybersecurity, and increased regulatory burdens. Poor handling of these risks can lead to reputational damage, diminished client relationships, and even regulatory action, and so it is critical for law firms to remain vigilant and put in place robust risk management policies, processes and systems.

Risk Management in Law Firms brings together lawyers, consultants and other risk and compliance professionals to provide expert and practical guidance on essential risk management topics. Chapters cover risks relating to clients, internal operations and law and regulation, and address recent developments including issues arising from the shift to hybrid working, the increased focus on ESG and climate change, and the extended influence of clients through outside counsel guidelines. There is also consideration of the future of risk management with coverage of the proposed changes to the SRA Codes of Conduct to address issues relating to wellbeing and unfair treatment at work, and the commercial opportunities for law firms and individual lawyers presented by the increasingly flexible principles-based regulation.

This title aims to help law firm leaders and all lawyers understand and prepare for the risks they face – as well effectively handle them when issues do arise – whether they occur in the firm’s internal operations or its dealings with clients. In-house counsel and others will also find it useful to understand their law firm colleagues better, enhancing professional relationships. With the comprehensive coverage of key risk areas in this title, lawyers and firms can not only ensure compliance, but also maintain healthy client relationships, educated staff, a positive reputation, and continued success and growth.