Author(s): Rebecca Harding - Saltwhistle

Publication date: Sep 2019

Format: A4 Softback

Pages: 72

Price: £75.00

ISBN: 9781787422742

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In the final analysis, this report functions as an expert and informed guide to the pitch processes — and positive attitudes — that really work. As such, it is an ever-present help both for law firms and barristers’ chambers.

- Elizabeth Robson Taylor and Phillip Taylor MBE, Richmond Green Chambers

This Special Report focuses on improving lawyers’ performance in one of the most challenging areas of their work: pitching for business. In today’s competitive market, making your work stand out from the crowd is essential – not only for winning new business but also for the future success of your firm. Whether pitching to a group, responding to a tender or having a one-to-one meeting, the ability to deploy a combination of effective marketing communication techniques, in-depth audience analysis and meticulous preparation will improve the quality of your pitch… and increase your success rate.

This must-read report takes a practical approach and offers a clear process for improving your pitching and responses to tenders. It covers key topics such as common mistakes, audience analysis, message and tone, persuading, what research really means when pitching, visual differentiation, and cross-border pitching. It also includes feedback and case studies from in-house lawyers and partners who have seen the most outstanding – and worst! – of pitches.