Author(s): Antonin Besse

Publication date: Apr 2019

Format: A4 Softback

Pages: 119

Price: £45.00

ISBN: 9781787422322

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 This Special Report focusses on self-ownership, self-development and self-management. This makes it wonderfully empowering, because it gives the readers the insight, the information and the skills to take responsibility for their own pro-active development, rather than being buffeted by random pressures generated by a “Let’s see what happens” (page 8) attitude.  It aims to change the question from “What’s expected of me?”  to “… proactively shaping the career you want”.

- Pippa Blakemore, The PEP Partnership LLP


 Eminently readable and based on long experience, this special report is applicable to — and certainly useful for — any lawyer in any stage of a legal career, from early days to pre-retirement. 

- Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Robson Taylor, Richmond Chambers


This Special Report is a practical, experience-based guide to personal development at every stage of a lawyer’s career. The author draws on over 30 years as an international commercial lawyer and senior partner in a Magic Circle firm to offer a roadmap for moving from a “What’s expected of me?” mindset to self-leadership and leadership of others.

The report’s main theme is that retaking autonomy and control can transform engagement and fulfilment in a legal career. Topics covered include career planning, confidence, fulfilment, wellbeing and work-life balance, building an internal support network and “trusted adviser” client relationships, communication and feedback, project management, commerciality and understanding value from the client’s perspective. It also contains a section on pre-retirement planning.

This Special Report is above all practical and contains a wealth of tools and templates developed by the author for career planning, self appraisal and project management.