Author(s): Nancey L Watson

Publication date: Aug 2018

Format: Softback

Pages: 128

Price: £167.00

ISBN: 9781783583362

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Over the years, Nancey L Watson has used her expertise with procurement and pricing methods and applying strategy for hundreds of proposals to win $3 billion in competitive bids. The Silver Bullet - How RFPs Are Won will serve as a strategic guide to help you significantly increase your win rate - and more.

This book details Nancey’s top strategies for every step of the proposal process:

* Legal procurement and the growing sophistication of in-house legal departments;

* Questions firms should ask before they decide to propose for the work;

* Best practices and how to analyze a “cheat sheet” to discover the key to winning RFPs;

* How to get you to plan strategically through every phase of the proposal process;

* How to use the magical formula to gain credibility and prove you are the firm to hire;

* How to work strategically with subject matter experts as a team; and

* How to write an effective executive summary.

This book is primarily written for law firms but the information within will also prove invaluable for procurement professionals.