Author(s): Jim Hassett, Karen Dalton, John Duggan, Helen Bunker, Barbara J Boake, Rick A Kathuria, Antony Smith, Zena Applebaum, Lann Wasson, Catherine Alman MacDonagh, JD

Publication date: Feb 2017

Format: Softback

Pages: 110

Price: £239.00

ISBN: 9781783582761

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Effectively implementing project management has become a key ambition for many firms across the world. The interest project management has garnered from the legal sector is not surprising; the range of benefits it offers are extensive and impactful; including reducing costs, enabling more efficient commodity work, and creating more accurate budgeting forecasts.

However, despite the general consensus on its value, adoption rates have been slow across the sector - only a handful of top firms have successfully implemented LPM into their practices, and are reaping the benefits. The slow adoption rates create a real opening for a competitive advantage through Legal Project Management, even at a basic starting level, as according to Jim Hassett even “glacial progress can produce new business when you are competing with firms that are making no progress at all”.

Featuring expert analysis on the form and function of LPM from leading industry experts, and case studies from top law firms on effective implementation and take-up, this title offers a robust overview of project management functions in the legal sector.