Author(s): Rebecca Harding - Saltwhistle

Publication date: Apr 2021

Format: A4 Softback

Pages: 88

Price: £75.00

ISBN: 9781787423541

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The central message of this Special Report is one of empowerment: taking control of your own business profile and leveraging it in a way that is best calculated to achieve maximum impact. I recommend it highly to all aspiring and established professionals seeking both to make a name for themselves in their chosen field, and to grow their business successfully.

- Mark Craggs, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright


I really like the way the book was pitched. It takes a “help clients help you” perspective, encouraging you to take control of your professional profile rather than leaving it to fate. Rebecca Harding does a good job of providing practical tips to help you think beyond the narrative in term of putting your plans into action, which will be very useful for lawyers. I also found it helpful that the author tried to spin it around so one looks at, for example, self-promotion in a more positive light. It is not something that comes naturally but the author is right in pointing out that you wouldn’t judge others in this way. I also found it enlightening that the author takes a “friends first, business second” perspective, i.e. still being professional as well as warm and kind, something I really think is important, and the importance of personality in terms of building your brand; that emotional connections are also important even in building business relationships.

- Helen Greenfield, Director, Family Law in Partnership

This Special Report will show you how to build a stronger public, professional profile in order to attract opportunities, enhance career progression and win new business. At the end of the report, you will have put together your own practical, personal profile plan and will be able put it into action.  

With so much information available about professionals online, it is essential to actively manage your own profile and not leave it to chance. Most lawyers do not manage their professional reputations and so there is clear opportunity, for those who do, to become much better known, enhance their career progression and win business through strong reputation and new opportunities. However, with all the information clutter out there, how do you stand out in the market place?

 This report will address:

  • Why it helps to have a strong professional profile;
  • Why people choose to work with you and what influences their decisions;
  • How you present yourself and build your personal brand;
  • What psychological tools you can use to build your network;
  • How to enhance your public credibility;
  • Practical activities to raise your profile; and
  • How to avoid damaging mistakes. 

Building Your Professional Profile will help any lawyer seeking to build a professional profile to win work and open up more business opportunities. It will also be of value to lawyers wishing to progress their career, whether by becoming a partner, gaining promotion or moving firms. Those wanting to build credibility in the marketplace, or with clients and colleagues, will also find it beneficial.  

Key takeaways: 

  • Take control of the information clients see about you and ensure you present yourself in the best way possible
  • With the help of practical tasks and checklists, create your own personal, step-by-step plan to develop your professional profile both on and offline, even if you only have a few minutes a day 
  • Hear tips and success stories from other professionals who have effectively built their profile
  • Gain competitive advantage by managing your professional reputation where many do not, beating your competition and becoming much better known, even famous, in your field
  • Actively build your professional profile to dramatically enhance your career and covet more opportunities, both externally with clients and internally within your organisation