Consulting editor(s): David Barnes, Atkin Chambers

Publication date: Mar 2018

Format: Softback

Pages: 170

Price: £58.00

ISBN: 9781787422520

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Featuring a preface by Chantal-Aimée Doerries QC

Here’s a book that should be in every chambers’ library, containing as it does, a wealth of informed, authoritative and practical advice in how to run a barristers’ chambers profitably in a fiercely competitive legal environment.  So it is not entirely and exclusively about ‘the independent bar’ as such; rather the focus centres on the Bar as a business.

- Phillip Taylor MBE, Richmond Green Chambers


An excellent handbook for anyone looking to understand the ever expanding role of a clerk or practice manager in modern day barristers’ chambers, whether they are starting out, rising up the ranks and looking to develop their skills, or already in a senior position and wanting to hear how others have met the challenges that every set now faces, and seized the opportunities. A window into how a set of chambers really works – or should work in the 21st century.

- Andrew Walker QC, Chair of the Bar, The Bar Council

Does this book succeed? It is without doubt an excellent primer about the business of chambers and does so well within its one-volume constraints.


- Robin Jackson, 3 Verulam Buildings


The business of running a barristers’ chambers has changed immensely over recent years. The traditional image of chambers has been, in many respects, confined to the past and they are now, in large part, run as modern, highly efficient, businesses often with an international reach.

The role of the barristers’ clerk continues to be vital to managing and developing the practice of independent sole practitioners operating under the umbrella of a chambers. However, the ever-changing face of the legal profession has necessitated that clerks, and chambers, adapt to the fresh demands of the new business environment. In addition to the now multi-faceted role of the clerks, the management and administrative structure of many chambers today often includes CEOs, accountants, HR and marketing teams.

This practical guide, edited by David Barnes, Chief Executive & Director of Clerking at Atkin Chambers, provides readers with in-depth insight and advice into the management of chambers including business strategy, practice management, international development, talent management and compliance. The book features chapters from some of the most prominent clerks and CEOs currently working within the world of the Bar, as well as experts in accounting and recruitment.