Author(s): Lewis Cohen, Priyanka Desai, David Fisher, Joanne Frears, Alvin Lam, Robert Millard, Vijay Rathour, John Sheridan, Krzysztof Wojdyło, Tyler Woods

Publication date: Jun 2018

Format: Softback

Pages: 118

Price: £199.00

ISBN: 9781783583386

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Created by programmers from the mid-90s onwards and launched by technology disruptors in 2008 on the back of the biggest corporate failings in trust and honesty the modern world has seen, Blockchain collects facts as diverse as Wikipedia and churns them out as randomly as Alexa in a playschool. Heralded as the next big thing, Blockchain has the potential to radically change the way lawyers work, and even threaten their very existence.

So, what is it, and how does it work? This book, featuring opinions and experience from some of the most knowledgeable thought leaders on the subject, aims to cut through the hype and explore the many different facets of Blockchain, and what it will mean for the legal profession.