Author(s): Kim Tasso - Red Star Kim Ltd

Publication date: Jun 2020

Format: A4 Softback

Pages: 191

Price: £95.00

ISBN: 9781787423381

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For lawyers, L&D and HR professionals, trainers and coaches, Kim has skillfully crafted a definitive guide to essential soft skills for lawyers.

- Caron Murphy, Former Head of L&D, Russell-Cooke LLP


This book is useful to lawyers at all levels – whether in a large or small practice. It provides insights and tips for lawyers who, as in many professions, may find the transition from pure practitioner to a manager of others challenging. It will also resonate with anyone in first line management or a newly-appointed leader within any industry or discipline.

- Sue Colton, Occupational Psychologist, Director SJC Consulting London Ltd


This timely book is the first of its kind which I’ve encountered and provides a hugely important perspective on the professional skills required by the next generation of lawyers. The text is accessible and practical in outlook while also offering a wealth of detail and recommended resources which will be invaluable to students and practitioners alike. It brings together the full range of existing and emerging competencies such as legal technology and business development, and offers insightful guidance on how to enhance these skillsets. I would recommend this book to all law students embarking on a career in legal practice and to practising lawyers seeking to future-proof their careers in a dynamic legal marketplace.”

- Christopher Howard, Director of Professional Legal Education, The Professional Law Institute, The Dickson Poon School of Law (King's College London)

This Special Report offers a research-based view into the importance of soft skills for modern lawyers and how law firms develop essential soft skills – whether to comply with SRA rules, to lead productive teams, to provide the best service to clients or to grow their practice.

Through interviews with lawyers, leaders and human resource professionals at large and small firms, the report provides an overview of the essential soft skills required by modern lawyers, competency frameworks and insights into how best to develop them and guidance on some of the essential soft skills required.

Interpersonal, emotional intelligence, communication, learning, adaptability, problem-solving, negotiation, team management, leadership and business development are amongst the soft skills explored for high-performing lawyers.

This report is the guide to developing the skills needed to get ahead and stay ahead in your legal career.