Consulting editor(s): Colin S. Levy

Publication date: Jul 2023

Format: Softback

Pages: 244

Price: £149.00

ISBN: 9781787429673

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This is an interesting book dealing with all that is new in the bewildering tech world.

- David Pickup, Law Society Gazette

As with many of the publications from Globe Law and Business in the knowledge management space this book is engaging and provides practical guidance and insights into what many may feel are new and bewildering technological innovations. The reader can dip into individual chapters to increase their knowledge of a specific technology; or the book can be read cover to cover to gain a quick and easy understanding of these new technologies.

- Jas Breslin, Co-Editor in chief, Legal Information Management

Technology is everywhere. Its presence is undeniable. The legal industry, steeped in history and tradition, is not immune to the changes brought about by technological advancement. No facet of the legal industry can escape or ignore the increasingly important role of technology in the practice of law. Yet, technology can overwhelm, confuse, or downright intimidate many.

By reading and using the insights shared in this title, learn how to reconcile technology's inescapable presence with the fear of the unknown it often brings about. Edited by Colin S. Levy, a well-known legal tech influencer and advocate, Handbook of Legal Tech provides guidance from many of the leading figures within the legal tech space on the different parts of law practice being enhanced and improved by technology. Each chapter covers a key area of legal tech, including automation, contract management, blockchain, use of artificial intelligence, and legal analytics, and contains first-hand insights into the development and adoption of legal technology and actionable data around best uses for different types of legal technologies. Legal ethics and the future of legal tech are also explored.

This book is aimed at lawyers both in-house and in private practice globally who have an interest in legal tech and wish to learn more about how it will impact and enhance their work. In this age driven by data and technology, ignoring technology is at your definitive peril. Get up to speed with this engaging and enlightening book on the intersection of the legal industry and the world of technology.