Author(s): Peter Bennett, Barbara J Boake, Toby Brown, Wendy Chang, Anthony Davis, Sally Dyson, Chad Ergun, Rick A Kathuria, Aileen Leventon, Catherine Alman MacDonagh, JD, Scott Rechtschaffen, Peter Lane Secor

Publication date: Dec 2017

Format: Softback

Pages: 134

Price: £149.00

ISBN: 9781783583140

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Time - as they say - is money. It is not an uncommon fact that lawyers today spend unnecessary amounts of time seeking out information, and therefore unnecessary amounts of money. In well-established fields, change is often slow; perhaps none more so than in the legal world. Though progress is being made, uptake has been rather slow, much to the dismay of those in the information management business.

Conversely to its cousin, case management, matter management should be thought of more in terms of low-volume but high-value information. The process thus lends itself nicely to forming centralized systems within organizations. It is so pervasive as to allow users to make decisions (e.g. conflict resolution) before matters are even opened, and can maintain a high level of time data accuracy and transparency via unalterable fundamental data.

From innovative and simple interfaces to enhanced reporting tools, from notification systems to customizable workflows, triumphs within matter management have enabled companies to become more efficient by saving time and money, and to engage stakeholders in a meaningful way. Redefining Matter Management: A Best Practice Guide to Improving Processes and Profitability is a collection of case studies that highlights some of the most important achievements and ideas in the field today