Author(s): Dwight Floyd, James D Cotterman, Eugenia Frenzel, Timothy B Corcoran, Peter Lane Secor, Ron Paquette, Thomas W Van Der Moere, Eddie Raychaudhuri, Madhav Srinivasan, Jim Foley

Publication date: May 2019

Format: Softback

Pages: 114

Price: £149.00

ISBN: 9781783583720

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The convergence of changes in the legal landscape - wider economic pressures, the growing implementation of legal technologies, the disrupting influence of alternative service providers and their competitive pricing offerings - mean that the corporatization of the law firm is well underway. The “business of law” is now more of a priority than ever before, with procurement and pricing professionals playing increasingly significant roles within firms and a growing focus towards the measurement and analysis of profit, rather than simply its generation, becoming apparent. With this becoming common practice, it is now essential for those at the helm of their firm’s profitability to take a deep dive into its real fundamentals.

The Future of Profitability Models and Analysis for Law Firms provides this kind of comprehensive exploration into the recent and revolutionary approaches firms are adopting in their pursuit of greater returns in this current period of renaissance for the law. Featuring contributions from field experts and thought leaders - including pricing directors, chief financial officers, and management consultants - combines trendspotting, exploratory intelligence with case studies and real-world examples of best practice to act as a launchpad for application and instruction.