Author(s): Dave Snowden, Stan Garfield, James Gunn, Tim Hawley, Hélène Russell

Publication date: Dec 2016

Format: Softback

Pages: 108

Price: £141.34

ISBN: 9781783582686

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KM has been accepted as an integral practice for most organizations - however many are still, understandably, cautious of the investments they make in the current financial environment following the economic downturn.

‘The measurement of knowledge value is difficult. It is specific to time, context, and the perception of what it is that constitutes a knowledge asset.’ - David Griffiths

Measuring the ROI of Knowledge Management 2nd edition aims to explore how leading industry experts prove the value of their KM initiatives and justify investing in them. From outlining the best methods of quantifying the return from KM, to discussing the limitations of an ROI-focused approach, this book looks to present an all-encompassing view of how to best tackle this this matter that is rife with guesswork and uncertainty.

Measuring the ROI of Knowledge Management covers topics including:

+ Understanding the knowledge economy

+ Knowledge management business case arguments

+ Using a Knowledge Audit as the basis for determining and driving the ROI of Knowledge Management

+ The application of Artificial Intelligence to support the value of organizational knowledge and assist the knowledge ROI

+ Measurement of KM projects - A practical guide for busy people

+ Believing in organizational progress using data and anecdotes (C6)

+ The case against ROI for knowledge management

+ Winning the war by avoiding the battles - Focusing on the I in ROI

+ An ecological approach to understanding impact in knowledge management practice

Measuring the ROI of Knowledge Management brings together the sought-after advice of a wide variety of experts including Stan Garfield, Andrew Gent, David Griffiths, James Gunn, Tim Hawley, John Hovell, James Loft, Hélène Russell, and Professor Dave Snowden who provide tools, tips, pragmatic guidance and best courses of action for any organization looking to prove the value of their KM efforts.