Author(s): Pamela DeNeuve, John Grimley

Publication date: Nov 2021

Format: A4 Softback

Pages: 111

Price: £85.00

ISBN: 9781787425101

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Thriving in a Multi-Generational Law Firm: How to Increase Communication and Collaboration Among Lawyers focuses on the question of whether four generations can co-exist and thrive in a law firm. Due to differences in communication styles, backgrounds, values, use of technology and work ethics, law firms and lawyers are encountering challenges to stability, profitability, and work satisfaction.  

This Special Report identifies the conflicts between the different generations currently working in law firms, which, if they continue on their current trajectory, will compromise the long-held traditions and culture within the legal profession. It will address how generational differences set up conflicts between colleagues and will promote different ways to create positive change and harmony within firms. It contains a key analysis of why associates leave, the cost of turnover (which is in the billions of dollars), and what law firms can do to increase retention and productivity.  

This title will provide readers with a more thorough understanding of the points of view of each generation operating in law firms. By utilising case studies from law firms of different sizes and from different locations, the book posits solutions to solving generational challenges law firms currently face. It is a practical, user-friendly guide to positive law firm change which will be valuable to partners, associates and professional development staff of all generations working in law firms of any size.