Buy-outs and Buy-ins:

The Elimination of Defined Benefit Pension Scheme Liabilities

Consulting editor(s): Steven Hull, Ashurst LLP

This book is aimed at a broad cross-section of the pension market and is intended to be of practical use to trustees, employers, advisers, administrators and other pension stakeholders in providing a comprehensive guide to how best to tackle the thorny issue of eliminating defined benefit scheme liabilities.

Publication date: Oct 2009
ISBN: 9781905783267
Length: 205 pages
Price: £115.00

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Pension Scheme Deficits:

Practical Solutions

Consulting editor(s): Steven Hull – Ashurst LLP

Aimed at a broad cross-section of the pensions market, this book will be of great practical use to all who have to deal with a pension fund deficit. Trustees, corporate officers and stakeholders, from chief financial officers and finance directors to pension managers, and the entire range of advisers – accounting, actuarial and legal – will find the book of interest and practical use.

Publication date: Sep 2007
ISBN: 9781905783083
Length: 273 pages
Price: £134.00

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