Author(s): Nick Jarrett-Kerr, Patrick J. McKenna, Edwin Reeser, Angus Lyon

Publication date: Mar 2018

Format: Softback

Pages: 236

Price: £199.00

ISBN: 9781783583256

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The issue of underperformance at partner level remains incredibly agonising and sensitive in law firms.

Low demand for legal services has been compounded by an increase in the competitive forces both inside and outside the legal profession. Life has become even more difficult for partners, for whom performance demands have increased at the same time as the availability of work has tailed off.

Underperformance continues to affect law firms in many ways, not least of which are diminished profitability, loss of opportunity, the disaffection of high performers, challenges to the firm’s values and falling morale. What is more, underperformance has to be seen not just in terms of productivity but also in terms of a more holistic approach to a firm’s standards.

Drawing on original and academic research from the past 8 years, and featuring contributions from law firm performance experts including Edwin Reeser, Angus Lyon, and Patrick McKenna, author Nick Jarrett-Kerr’s highly anticipated Tackling Partner Underperformance 2nd Edition covers topics including:

  • Trends in partner performance
  • Understanding why partners underperform or are underproductive
  • Judging, rating and evaluating partners
  • Aligning performance with partner compensation and rewards
  • Supporting and rehabilitating underperforming partners
  • Stress and mental illness impact on performance
  • Systems for partner performance management
  • Underperformance culture
  • Governance, communication and conflict management
  • And more.

Tackling Partner Underperformance 2nd Edition is arguably the most comprehensive study ever undertaken into partner underperformance in law firms, and those firms (regardless of size and location) who utilize and implement the information, advice and practical strategies for addressing this issue, will see significant differences in their productivity and ultimately profitability.