Author(s): Timothy B. Corcoran, August Aquila, John Chisholm, Paul Lippe, Dan O’Day, Rebecca Holdredge, Arthur G. Greene, Simon Nash, Benjamin Viney, Polina Pavlova, Nina Gray

Publication date: Mar 2018

Format: Softback

Pages: 100

Price: £199.00

ISBN: 9781783583188

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Commentators have argued for many years that law firms need to move forward from their traditional, seniority-based compensation systems.

But it’s not enough to simply add performance-related elements at the edges of these. Shifting generational-based attitudes; changing career aspirations; increasingly demanding clients; and pricing innovation and development in the range of benefits that can be offered (both financial and non-financial) all conspire to urge firms to rethink how their compensation system operates at all levels, across the whole firm.

By reviewing these emerging factors, Compensation Innovation: An in-depth exploration into the future of law firm compensation aims to inspire law firms towards future proofing their compensation systems so that they continue to deliver results as their partnerships age. Exploring also the interplay between compensation and succession planning, and compensation and lateral hiring, the authors keep one eye to the future.