Author(s): Susan Saltonstall Duncan

Publication date: Feb 2021

Format: A4 Softback

Pages: 176

Price: £75.00

ISBN: 9781787424708

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Building Enduring Client Loyalty distills a host of best practices and insights that teach us that client loyalty is less about what clients give to us than what we give to them.

- Gary L Sasso, President and CEO, Carlton Fields

Building Enduring Client Loyalty reflects Susan’s considerable knowledge and experience, keen insight and deep legal industry connections. It is an easy-to-read, concise yet thorough and practical tutorial on a most important and timely subject for law firm leaders to understand and drive within their law firms in order to succeed and grow in today’s challenging and competitive legal marketplace.


- David Foltyn, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Honigman LLP

This treatise by Susan Duncan, and her collaborators, is an exceptional in-depth and invaluable resource for general counsel, managing partners and their lieutenants in developing sustainable working relationships with their law firms, suppliers and clients. The timing of this publication could not have been better given the current environment. As Building Enduring Client Loyalty suggests, building strategic long-term relationships is the key to success. Everyone within the firm, including the senior partners and ‘rainmakers’, must put their self-interest aside and do what is in the best interest of their client and the firm. At DuPont, we emphasised the importance of investing in each other’s success, which this publication does so well.

- Thomas L Sager, former General Counsel DuPont and creator of the DuPont Legal Model

Susan Saltonstall Duncan is the undisputed master in capturing and articulating the keys to leadership in law firm/client relationship management. As someone who studied and coached firms on these issues long before others found it fashionable, she has both a long view and a wide lens on the law firm business model and what makes their client relationships successful. No one is better positioned to understand the realities of client loyalty and the relationship qualities that engender it (or diminish it). In this new book, readers will be privy to her treasure trove of strategic principles and practical tactics.

- Susan Hackett, CEO, Legal Executive Leadership, LLC, and former general counsel of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC – from 1989-2011)


Enduring client relationships are the key to success for all law firms. Building Enduring Client Loyalty is full of practical insights for creating and maintaining these relationships. Lawyers looking to build their practices would do well to read this book.

- Tim Mohan, Chief Executive Partner, Chapman and Cutler LLP

Susan Saltonstall Duncan has always been a leader in our industry, guiding law firms and other service providers to understand and deliver on a true value proposition. This book brings together Susan’s counsel and leadership and, given the environment we are working in currently, her advice is even more relevant and needed. I highly recommend Building Enduring Client Loyalty to legal service providers in all industries.

- Lisa Damon, Partner, Seyfarth Shaw LLP


I absolutely loved it. The flow, the way the author clustered topics, the areas she chose to focus on and the level of detail were all spot-on. Somehow, it felt high level and strategic while still giving enough meat and detail for someone newer to a concept to be able to really understand and chart a path. I love that so many of the topics were evergreen but, at the same time, pieces like remote client engagement and the greater focus on diversity also felt very grounded in the here and now. It felt like something that would be appropriate for just about any level - from a new hire on a marketing team, to CMOs or firm leaders who have been struggling with some of these concepts for years!

- Christa Crane, Chief Client Development and Marketing Officer, Loeb & Loeb

Client loyalty is increasingly difficult to earn and sustain. Furthermore, heightened focus by clients on efficient, cost effective and innovative service delivery – while trying to do more in-house and through automation – makes it more difficult for law firms to remain a dominant firm of choice. Added to this, firms are seeing growing numbers of RFPs and increased competition from law companies, technology providers and clients themselves.

Written by management consultant veteran of 35 years, Susan Saltonstall Duncan of RainMaking Oasis, this Special Report addresses the key components of building superior client relationships that result in greater loyalty and long-term success. Featuring case studies and insights from leading companies and business professionals responsible for law firm selection and oversight, it covers legal operations, innovation and client development, and includes a wealth of practical suggestions.

The report contains five core sections:

  • The loyal client framework, which looks at customer experience and clients as loyalists;
  • A roadmap, getting started and staying on the right foot with clients, which deals with trustworthiness, client feedback and dealing with difficult clients;
  • Developing loyal client relationships, in-person and remotely, covering remote relationship development, key client teams/account management and succession planning;
  • Earning loyalty through value, innovation and collaboration, including aligning value, convergence, cross-selling and diversity; and
  • An appendix with tips and multiple checklists.

This title will prove useful to lawyers, law firm leaders, client relationship partners and managers, and all business professionals that support firms in delivering superior service to clients. Moreover, it will assist lawyers to stay relevant and valuable through deeper understanding of a client’s needs, enabling them to become a trusted business partner, build and oversee collaborative teams and implement innovative delivery models and tools.

Key takeaways: 

  • Learn from leading buyers of legal services what they value in order to replicate successful approaches
  • Increase profitable revenue through superior service and opportunities to expand client relationships
  • Solidify a spot as a trusted adviser to ensure clients will become more dependent on the lawyer/firm as a critical business partner
  • Earn high marks on the Net Promoter scale which will result in more new client referrals to the firm
  • Institutionalise a culture of client-centric protocols and delivery that enables measurable, continuous improvement
  • Work collaboratively across the firm practices, functions and roles to deliver best, multi-dimensional solutions to clients
  • Learn how to keep clients happy, satisfied and loyal with a 25-step roadmap