Author(s): Toby Brown, Vincent Cordo, Jr

Publication date: Nov 2013

Format: Softback

Pages: 80

Price: £141.34

ISBN: 9781783580958

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Key report features

  • In-depth advice on the need, impact, and profitability of hiring a pricing director
  • Detailed insight into the function and skills of a pricing director
  • Clear definition of the strategic position of pricing within a firm
  • How to evaluate the benefit of a pricing director for your firm and its clients
  • Real-world scenarios.

The new path to profitability is paved with pricing directors. That’s the trend we’re seeing, with more than 50 pricing positions created for Am Law 200 firms in 2012.

Put the ‘ah!’ in RFP

The push is on for law firms and clients to focus on their pricing and matter management strategies. By hiring a pricing director with skills in analytics, technology, commerce, and communications, you’re set to create effective pricing strategies and support your firm’s competitive advantage.

Who’s in the hot seat?

Your pricing director is the budget builder, the profit modeller, the counsellor, the monitor, and the approver: you want to make sure that those already in this role are comfortable with its evolution, or that a new hire can confidently take on the challenge.

Brown and Cordo’s Law Firm Pricing: Strategies, Roles, and Responsibilities clearly defines the skills and remit of the person required to fill this demanding and responsive role. It provides practical guidance into hiring and developing a strategic pricing role within your law firm that drives successful relationships and profitability.