Author(s): David H. Freeman

Publication date: Aug 2015

Format: Softback

Pages: 104

Price: £68.86

ISBN: 9781783581931

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In my opinion, David is the world’s leading authority on practical aspects of maximizing cross-selling in law firms.

- Elizabeth Anne "Betiayn" Tursi, Women in Law Empowerment Forum


David Freeman has a keen understanding of the art of cross-selling and the benefits it brings. His professional background and experience allows him to articulate the case for team centered business development in a way that motivates and inspires even the most reluctant professional.


- Peter Kellett, Chairman and CEO, Dykema


David Freeman has literally written the book on cross-selling. 


- Doug Hoover, CMO/Director of Marketing & Business Development, Schiff Hardin LLP


Are you making the most of your firm's cross-selling opportunities?

On average, in a typical firm, 20% of the lawyers are high-performing rainmakers. They know the secrets to capitalising on business development opportunities and they often manage to secure big clients. A further 20% are doing little in the way of business development. The rest (around 60%) are sitting somewhere in the middle. They're bringing in business, but more needs to be done to find that extra revenue.

How can this 60% really capitalise on making more money? More and more law firm leaders are turning to cross-selling.

Develop a cross-serving culture to cross-sell

In many cases, cross-selling in the legal sphere is a lot easier said than done. It should be easy to get more work in different practice areas from your existing clients, but organisational challenges and working cultures can often stand in the way of cross-selling success. 

How can your firm overcome these challenges and make the most of this traditionally untapped revenue stream?

Creating a Cross-Serving CultureShift: Mastering Cross-Selling for Lawyers and Leaders is a practical guide dedicated to helping you achieve exactly this. Packed with clear, actionable guidance on how to attract, retain and grow a client base, it provides scores of practical tips to help you and your firm become a true master of cross-selling.

To address the crux of the challenge at most firms - adjusting mindsets and cultural attitudes of lawyers to encourage cross-practice collaboration - the book outlines a proven strategy to address the cultural change that is necessary to a successful cross-selling initiative. The guide will also show you how to:

  • Initiate excellent communication between practice groups
  • Educate your teams to ensure they have a deep understanding of the services offered by other lawyers at your firm
  • Instill a culture of trust and empathy between lawyers so a cross-serving culture can develop more easily
  • Implement an active client feedback programme
  • Achieve higher levels of client service, so you become the firm your clients turn to for important work
  • Implement a compensation system that rewards team-based behaviours
  • Encourage personal accountability
  • Employ proactive leaders who are committed to driving key cross-serving behaviours

Why this guide is a real-game changer

  • Learn from David Freeman, one of the world's leading authorities on maximising cross-selling in law firms. He has over 30 years' experience and was recognised as the top "Law Firm Business Development Consultant and Coach" in National Law Journal surveys in the US.
  • Actively increase the amount of lawyer time and energy that is devoted to cross-selling at your firm.
  • Uncover 13 key 'Accelerators' that will help your future business development success.
  • Drive greater cross-selling success with the Appendix designed for firm leaders, offering a practical, high-level checklist of major activities.

In addition to the author’s perceptions, this book includes insights from law firm leaders who have provided input based on a survey conducted specifically for this project.