Author(s): Anna McGrane, Dean Boeschen, Rebecca Holdredge, Nicola Shaver, Vishal Agnihotri, Anusia Gillespie, Linda Perez Clark, Aaron Crews, Josias N. Dewey, Gordon Vala-Webb, Linda Novosel, Anshoo Patel, Sharon Scenna, Evan Parker

Publication date: Jan 2020

Format: Softback

Pages: 98

Price: £225.00

ISBN: 9781783583867

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With barely a week going by without news that yet another chief innovation officer has taken up residence in a global law firm, it’s clear innovation is still a hot topic, continuing to grow and expand in terms of its reach within law firms. However, despite rapid advancement in recent years, it’s generally acknowledged that legal is behind the curve in terms of innovation compared to the rest of the corporate world. It’s also generally assumed that innovation relates purely to technology - meaning none but the largest companies with the deepest pockets can benefit from it. This insightful book features contributions from legal firms doing innovative things in all aspects of the field, going beyond the enabling technology - from partnering with clients to productizing services, developing external alliances, and transforming the talent management function, to encouraging lawyers to invest billable time in new innovative approaches to the business and practice of law - as well as approaches to dealing with market disruption itself.