Author(s): Michael Roster, Jon Whittle, Jennifer Johnson, Erin Meszaros, Susan Saltonstall Duncan, Bree Buchanan, Renee Branson, Lauren Stiller Rikleen, Clare Harman Clark, Chris Marston, Chris Boyd, Allison Blixt, Jullia Carretta, Timothy B. Corcoran

Publication date: Sep 2020

Format: Softback

Pages: 124

Price: £141.34

ISBN: 9781783584000

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed working practices across the globe. It has been predicted that as much as 80 percent of the legal workforce will remain transient or permanently working from home after the COVID-19 crisis ends, with only around a fifth as full-time office workers. Although law firms typically weather downturns better than the overall economy, revenues, working practices, and working culture will all change.

The expected economic downturn may not directly translate into a decline for professional services, as market difficulties, regulatory responses, stimulus programs, changes in employment, and other stressors provide potential sources of demand - particularly in the legal sector.

What is clear is that personnel issues will come to the fore, and law firm leaders will have to respond proactively, both to mitigate risk and to make the best of a challenging and changing situation.

Transitioning from an industry famed for office working to one that is more responsive, flexible and individualistic will provide as many opportunities as it will challenges.