Author(s): Nick Jarrett-Kerr, Jonathan Middleburgh, Patrick J McKenna, Michael Roch, Ray D'Cruz, Steve Nelson, Joel Barolsky, Paula Davis, Graham Browning, Bree Buchanan, Chetna Bhatt, Jonathan Watmough, Krystal Champlin-Gerage

Consulting editor(s): Nick Jarrett-Kerr and Jonathan Middleburgh

Publication date: Jul 2024

Format: Softback

Pages: 200

Price: £149.00

ISBN: 9781837230259

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It is a strategic imperative for firms to remain competitive, adaptive, and capable of delivering high-quality legal services in today's complex business environment. Partner performance is a critical issue and will become more so in the coming years as AI threatens to replace or reposition underperforming employees. The dynamic and evolving nature of the legal profession, coupled with external factors such as technology, globalisation, and economic changes, underscores the importance of performance management for law firms.

Managing Partner Performance: Strategies for Transforming Underperforming Partners takes a comprehensive look at how to improve underperforming partners within the legal profession. It provides insight and practical solutions for law firm leaders committed to revitalising their teams and optimising organisational success. Structured into four parts, the book systematically diagnoses underperformance, its cause and effect, how to deal with underperforming partners, and how to proactively performance manage over the long-term.

From crafting individualised improvement plans to implementing mentoring and coaching programs to unlock untapped potential, the book addresses skill development and continuous professional growth through training, while also emphasising the crucial role of effective communication in improving internal dynamics and client relationships.

Strategic role redefinition is discussed to align partners' strengths with organisational goals, while motivation and engagement strategies offer tools to boost overall job satisfaction. The book tackles interpersonal conflicts through conflict resolution and team dynamics, ensuring a collaborative environment.

Throughout, the importance of accountability and consequences is emphasised, establishing clear expectations and measures for underperformance. The book, enriched with real-world examples and case studies, will appeal to law firm leaders, managing partners and HR professionals. It will equip readers with actionable strategies to transform underperformance into excellence. Managing Partner Performance: Strategies for Transforming Underperforming Partners fosters a high-performance culture, promoting individual growth and ensuring the enduring success of underperforming partners and the entire legal organisation.