Author(s): Wesley D. Bizzell, Rosalie Chamberlain, Ruth Grant, Karen Johnson-McKewan, Sharon E. Jones, Charlotte Ogilvie, Todd Sears, Yasmin Sheikh, Daniel K. Winterfeldt

Publication date: Apr 2018

Format: Softback

Pages: 106

Price: £149.00

ISBN: 9781783583263

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In both law firms and other businesses, the conversation around organisational diversity is in many ways more fervent, active, and engaged than ever before.

Prominent figures in the profession make bold declarations about their belief in the positive contribution increased diversity brings, and firm websites are not considered complete without a visible commitment to improve their inclusivity. It would seem that everyone is aware of the problem, and is vociferous about their attempts to tackle it. However, the numbers show that the needle is barely moving.

The legal profession appears to be stuck at the point of discussion, and the measures that have thus far been implemented - which typically include token changes in company policy and written charters and agreements - can more resemble posturing than steps to achieve real change. The challenge, then, for any law firm which recognizes that diversity is a force for innovation and seeks to genuinely make a change, is finding those actions that do make an obvious and measurable difference.

What can be done, and where does one find the practical advice needed to instigate the change?

Packed with constructive guidance and compelling insight from industry experts and thought leaders, The Diversity Agenda: Lessons and Guidance from the Legal Profession seeks to provide the answer to these questions. Moving past the identification of an obvious problem, this book will instead offer effective solutions to those endeavoring to maximize their firm’s potential through the benefits diversification can bring.

The Diversity Agenda: Lessons and Guidance from the Legal Profession aims to supply a unique perspective from authors who have experienced institutional challenges and obstacles, providing proactive steps to take in order to negotiate them. Expert advice is also supplemented by real-world examples of pragmatic, effective and award-winning diversity initiatives that are being pioneered by both international and regional law firms.