Author(s): Lance Sapsford, Oz Benamram, Marcia Burris, Steve Lastres, Mark Gediman, Marlene Gebauer, Jennifer Mendez, Annie Youngblood, Constance Ard

Publication date: Aug 2017

Format: Softback

Pages: 82

Price: £149.00

ISBN: 9781783582945

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As law firms continually push to stay relevant in the information age, certain functions and roles will change drastically - possibly none more so than a firm’s information functions and librarians. Information services are now more important than ever, and are more closely linked and integrated with all other functions of the firm.


This means, however, that many information departments and roles will need to undergo a considerable metamorphosis in order to realise their full potential. From integration with other functions of the firm (such as Business Development and Knowledge Management), to gathering intelligence to leverage a competitive advantage - library teams, with the correct application, are set to become critical in forging a firm’s digital pathway to increased success.