Author(s): Isabel Parker

Publication date: Nov 2021

Format: Hardback

Pages: 341

Price: £65.00

ISBN: 9781787423824

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Foreword by Mark A Cohen, Founder & CEO, Legal Mosaic, LLC

Law firm partners will realize quickly that Isabel Parker has not pulled any punches in her concise, direct and highly informative presentation of the digital transformation imperative for law firms and how they must rethink traditional approaches to successfully transform. Her own law firm experience, extensive research and talent for clarity combine here to deliver great insights. Almost all law firms give consideration to their culture, but Parker’s treatment of the subject is among the best as she provides an in-depth explanation of what it is, why it should matter to law firms and how firms can develop a culture that fosters digital transformation. The insights from this book will be of equal value to in-house corporate counsel undertaking transformation initiatives. As a general counsel and student of digital transformation for many years, I will highly recommend this book as ‘required reading’ to law firm partners and my in-house team alike!

- Bill Deckelman, EVP & General Counsel, DXC Technology

  • Understand what digital transformation means in a law firm context
  • Explore the cultural barriers to transformation, and learn how to overcome them
  • Gain insight from the operating models of successful digital businesses
  • Develop a business case and practical strategy for digital transformation
  • Understand the importance of diversity and purpose in driving digital change
  • Manage change and adoption challenges
  • Build on learnings from the COVID-19 crisis to accelerate digital transformation

As law firms take stock in the aftermath of COVID-19, there is an opportunity to rethink the law firm operating model for the next decade and beyond. The crisis has reinforced the importance of agility and resilience, and the critical role digital technologies play in client service. For law firms, digital transformation should no longer be viewed as an indulgence, but as an urgent necessity. For those that embrace this challenge, the rewards, for both clients and colleagues, will be substantial.

Written by one of the most respected leaders of law firm innovation, this book will help those contemplating or leading digital change in law firms to develop and execute a compelling digital transformation strategy. With a particular focus on the cultural and organisational challenges inherent in a law firm partnership, the book provides practical advice on how to effect meaningful and sustainable change.

This invaluable guide for law firm leaders, lawyers, and those leading digital change in a law firm includes plenty of best-practice examples from outside as well as inside the legal profession. The book provides valuable insight for start-ups and technology providers looking to partner with law firms, and for aspiring lawyers starting their professional careers. Along with practical guidance on shaping digital transformation, this engaging work will give the reader a comprehensive overview of the competitive landscape in legal services, sharing diverse perspectives and case studies from leaders from different parts of the legal sector.