Author(s): Bob Murray, Alicia Fortinberry

Publication date: Feb 2016

Format: Softback

Pages: 210

Price: £105.10

ISBN: 9781783582310

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This book will make you think. For those active in the legal sector or with an interest in it, this looks at a number of familiar issues through a different lens.

- Mark Rigotti, Global CEO and Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills

Behavioural science comes into play in every aspect of running a legal business, from the way strategic decisions are made, to the way good or bad news is delivered, through to how lawyers interrelate and communicate with clients.

Law firms are now implementing human science initiatives to gain a competitive edge as they compete against each other for market share.

Leading the Future: The Human Science of Law Firm Strategy and Leadership - provides practical how-to advice and guidance on how human sciences are interacting with the different aspects of leading, managing, and marketing in a law firm. It highlights how law firm leaders can harness human sciences to:

+ Develop new skills and autonomous ways of working for staff

+ Examine the best ways of going about formulating strategies

+ Ensure a high level of staff engagement, flexibility, and innovation

+ Improve decision making in the legal profession

+ Build the right culture to drive innovation and facilitate change

+ Create and inspire high performing teams (HPT)

+ Listen, discover and communicate what clients' real needs are, persuade and influence them, and target them more accurately

+ Build and sustain trust and cooperation throughout the firm.

+ Encourage cross-selling, resolve conflicts, and build collaborative relationships with clients

+ Hire, promote, inspire, and reward to drive staff performance and engagement


Case Studies, Practical Tools and Tips...
Each chapter in Leading the Future is supported by illustrative case studies from a broad range of international and regional firms, with tools and tips that you can immediately put into practice.
The authors Dr Bob Murray and Dr Alicia Fortinberry ( ) have deep experience in applying the latest science to business challenges and are uniquely qualified to guide law firm leaders to shape a successful strategy and drive positive change through the right leadership, culture, business development, and customer relationships for your legal business.