Author(s): Nicola Shaver

Publication date: May 2023

Format: Softback

Pages: 294

Price: £75.00

ISBN: 9781787429130

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This is the most practical guidance for innovation in law firms I have seen. As one could expect from Nikki Shaver, it is comprehensive, filled with useful tips and frameworks and well written. Built on strong theoretical frameworks this will be the go-to guide for any law firm serious about innovation.

- Jeroen Plink, COO Legaltech Hub

More and more law firms are realizing that innovation is not just a client expectation or a nice public relations story. As in other businesses, new service delivery models can be very good for the firm’s own bottom line. However, it is sometimes difficult to determine what to build, and it is always difficult to drive the necessary change. Nikki Shaver’s Handbook for Legal Innovation does the industry a great service by providing a roadmap for not only identifying opportunities to innovate, but also for driving those projects to success.

- Brad Blickstein, Principal at Blickstein Group and partner and co-head, NewLaw at Baretz+Brunelle

Innovation is not a destination, but a direction of travel. Where are your clients headed? How will you make sure you are there with them? Nikki has captured a human-centric, practical approach for propelling innovation in your firm. Look here and get moving.

- Heath Harris, senior manager, Legal Function Consulting and Global Innovation, EY

To anyone who has (recently) started working in legal innovation in a law firm or in-house. As you may have noticed, working in innovation in a law firm or legal department can be difficult. The Handbook for Legal Innovation has helped me navigate my innovation role in a law firm by guiding me through the relevant areas of work. I highly recommend this book to anyone working in legal innovation.

- Laura Bingenheimer, Coordinator Digital Excellence, Noerr

Although legal innovation is critical for law firms, with clients pushing for more efficient, cost-effective, and automated services, very little has been written about how to drive successful enterprise-wide transformation efforts. As innovation and legal operations functions proliferate globally, Nicola Shaver has written the first definitive book to guide legal professionals through setting up an effective innovation function and driving successful culture change and initiatives across a legal organization.

In The Handbook for Legal Innovation, Shaver, the 2020 ILTA Legal Innovation Leader of the Year and a College of Law Practice Management Fellow, outlines how to set up an effective strategy for innovation, provides practical guides for conducting current-state audits, establishes frameworks to help identify project priorities, and outlines how to build and grow the right team. With 20 years of experience in the legal industry, including a decade each of practicing law and driving innovation initiatives in large legal organizations, Shaver draws upon her experience as well as broad industry knowledge to inform this practical guide.

In addition to strategy suggestions, the Handbook delves deeply into methodologies for change. Shaver provides an overview of effective methods drawn from other industries that can be leveraged within legal to support and supercharge innovation efforts, equipping lawyers and legal innovation leaders with tools that will help them drive real change within their organizations.