Author(s): Rachel Brushfield, Natasha Innocenti, Pam Loch, Joanna Gaudoin, Susan Heaton-Wright, Belinda Lester, Nika Kabiri, Sarah Goulbourne, Donna McGrath, Claire Rason, Joanne Brook

Publication date: Aug 2024

Format: Softback

Pages: 150

Price: £149.00

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ISBN: 9781837230341

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As of 2023, women still only make up 37% of full equity partners in private practice law firms. Business development – the people you know, your order book, and your ranking within an organization – is key to closing this gap. It might be a generalisation to say that women do business development differently to men, but it tends to hold true. Crafting successful, authentic, out-of-the-box business development strategies in a largely male-dominated profession is a challenge for many women lawyers, who find that the status quo doesn’t work for them.

Business Development for Women Lawyers features multiple contributions from women across the globe, looking at the skills and techniques, experiences, and talents that female lawyers use to develop their practices and grow their order books, acting as both inspiration and motivation to its readers. Chapters on marketing and social media, networking at events, building reputation, and becoming a successful rainmaker make this is an essential read for women looking to develop business based upon their own personal interests and strengths.

With new chapters on mentoring and coaching, in-house practice, and utilising AI, this new edition will equip readers with actionable strategies to grow and develop their business.