Author(s): Michelle Murray, Sally Dyson, Debbie Epstein Henry, Pam Loch, Nika Kabiri, Merry Neitlich, Yolanda Cartusciello, Natasha Innocenti, Ian White, Rachel Khiara, Wayne Hassay, Catherine Alman MacDonagh, Julie Savarino, Mary Juetten, Nat Slavin, David Freeman, Bob Robertson, Lucy Bassli, Keri Norris

Publication date: Jul 2020

Format: Softback

Pages: 202

Price: £235.00

ISBN: 9781783583980

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Pandemics bring the world to a standstill. All economies are based on confidence, yet during and after a pandemic, uncertainty and fear abound. The entire professional services sector the world over - which includes law firms, accounting firms, brokerages, consulting firms, etc. - are cash-based, people-centric, and relationship-driven businesses. The rapid changes to relationships - both professional and personal - caused by a pandemic are structural and deep. The definition of “business as usual” is altered, and all professional services providers need to adapt and change quickly to respond to the new ways that employees, clients, and everyone else will behave, communicate, buy, and use their services in the future. The speed at which information travels will not slow down.