Accounting Procedures in Joint Operating Agreements:

An International Perspective

Author(s): Eduardo G Pereira, Carlos Eduardo Vieira da Silva and Eduardo Seixas

This publication analyses and explores in detail what accounting procedures should apply, what the main issues are for an operator and a non-operator; and how the standard model forms address those issues. Several sets of JOA model forms (from AIPN, OGUK, Greenland and Norway, for example) are explored. Through the book, international oil companies, independents, national oil companies, legal advisers and consultants can learn how to perfect their accounting procedures and understand the risks and issues that they might face in the future.

Publication date: Jun 2016
ISBN: 9781909416604
Length: 310 pages
Price: £154.00

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Anticorruption Laws and Regulations

A Global Guide

Consulting editor(s): Roberto Hernández-García

This unique volume is a must-have tool for all in-house and international lawyers, legal counsel and consultants involved with local and cross-border corruption matters. Throughout the text, a range of local and international experts provide in-depth analysis of corruption issues and examine:

i)   the current legal regime in their countries;

ii)  the preventative measures that must be taken by companies operating in different jurisdictions;

iii) how to face investigations, prosecutions and trials; and

iv) the impact of cross-border regulations.


Publication date: Aug 2018
ISBN: 9781787421172
Length: 433 pages
Price: £175.00

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Commodity Derivatives:

Documenting and Understanding Commodity Derivative Products

Consulting editor(s): Edmund Parker & Marcin Perzanowski, Mayer Brown International LLP

This accessible title explains each type of transaction, together with the documentation involved. In particular, the book analyses and guides the reader through the full suite of over-the-counter, exchange-traded and structured commodity derivative documentation, and provides a detailed guide to International Swaps and Derivatives Association and other leading documentation platforms.

Publication date: Aug 2010
ISBN: 9781905783373
Length: 584 pages
Price: £138.00

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Credit Derivatives:

Understanding and Working with the 2014 ISDA Credit Derivatives Definitions

Author(s): Edmund Parker

With the launch of the 2014 ISDA Credit Derivatives Definitions, which became market standard definitions for documenting credit derivatives transactions on October 6 2014, this edition will provide a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the new 2014 Definitions. The book provides practical reading for lawyers, whether in private practice or in-house, and all credit derivatives market participants looking to gain a solid understanding of the new definitions. 

Publication date: Jan 2017
ISBN: 9781909416642
Length: 560 pages
Price: £275.00

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Cross-Border Insolvency

A Commentary on the UNCITRAL Model Law, Fourth Edition

Consulting editor(s): Look Chan Ho, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer (General editor)

Written by specialists from each jurisdiction, this new edition provides an in-depth, article-by-article analysis of the local enactment and application of the model law in each of the jurisdictions concerned, alongside consideration of the relationship between the model law and any existing cross-border insolvency jurisprudence. New to the fourth edition are chapters on Chile and the Philippines with an expanded South African chapter to include the OHADA countries.

Publication date: Sep 2017
ISBN: 9781911078210
Length: 950 (two volumes) pages
Price: £345.00

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Doing Business in the BRICS:

A Practical Legal Handbook

Consulting editor(s): Ravi Nath, Rajinder Narain & Co

This book, featuring a Preface by Jim O'Neill of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, provides an overview of the BRICS nations. Each chapter is authored by experienced lawyers, who provide insights on demography, political and legal systems (including investment regulations, competition policies, IP laws, taxation and labour laws) in a clear and comprehensive manner. The book serves as a preliminary and practical guide for lawyers, investors, corporations and entrepreneurs regarding the mode and methods of doing business in these jurisdictions.

Publication date: Dec 2012
ISBN: 9781905783816
Length: 280 pages
Price: £120.00

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Energy and Resources Financing:

A Practical Handbook

Consulting editor(s): Huw Thomas and Antony Skinner, Ashurst LLP

Energy and Natural Resources Financing: A Practical Handbook covers financing across the energy and natural resources spectrum, from upstream oil and gas, pipelines and liquefied natural gas through to refineries, and from conventional power and renewable energy to nuclear power and mining.  It discusses the most important financing techniques, including reserve-based lending, project finance and high-yield bonds. This title is a useful introduction to these sectors and a day-to-day reference point for those working on transactions.

Publication date: Dec 2015
ISBN: 9781909416765
Length: 291 pages
Price: £148.00

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European Securitisation

A Practitioner’s Guide to Principles and Jurisdictions

Consulting editor(s): Dominic Griffiths, Mayer Brown International LLP

While many overarching principles of securitisation transactions such as asset classes, regulatory capital requirements and off-balance sheet accounting can be geographically agnostic, each transaction is subject to varying local rules and regulations specific to the jurisdiction(s) in which it is taking place. As such, navigating the myriad of legal, regulatory and accounting requirements necessitates a wide range of expertise, with specialists in one field still required to have a broad understanding of others. European Securitisation offers a comprehensive overview of the key structural and geographical aspects of securitisation transactions across Europe.

Publication date: Mar 2024
ISBN: 9781787429581
Length: 373 pages
Price: £275.00

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Foundations of Structured Trade Finance

Author(s): Dr. Benedict O. Oramah

The purpose of this book is to introduce readers to the fundamentals of structured trade finance (STF) - an instrument used to financing trade in difficult environments by collaterising the loans.

Publication date: May 2015
ISBN: 9781783581894
Length: 258 pages
Price: £150.00

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Global Financial Crisis:

Navigating and Understanding the Legal and Regulatory Aspects

Consulting editor(s): Eugenio A Bruno, Nicholson y Cano

This authoritative title provides legal practitioners, academics, financial agents, financial institution officers, investment analysts and managers, investors and officials of regulatory agencies with the information that they need to navigate their way through the challenges arising from one of the most significant financial crises in recent history.

Publication date: Sep 2009
ISBN: 9781905783328
Length: 509 pages
Price: £148.00

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Global Investment Funds

A Practical Guide to Structuring, Raising and Managing Funds, Second Edition

Consulting editor(s): Tom Alabaster

Private investment funds are investing more capital than ever and the funds themselves are larger than ever. The industry’s success comes against a backdrop of evolving market trends, increasing regulatory and tax compliance and the rise of ESG. In relation to structuring, fund-raising, making deals, managing exits, maintaining investor relations and dealing with the press, investors and their advisers are faced with unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

This publication provides a wide-ranging and practical guide to the legal, regulatory, tax and commercial elements of establishing and operating private investment funds. Practitioners and other industry participants are likely to gain significant benefit from applying its contents within their own environment.

Publication date: Apr 2024
ISBN: 9781837230129
Length: 303 pages
Price: £195.00

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Hedge Funds

A Practical Global Handbook to the Law and Regulation, Second Edition

Consulting editor(s): Florentino Carreno, Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira and Lynn McGrade and Alfred Page, Borden Ladner Gervais

This second edition, outlining key trends in the global hedge fund industry and published in conjunction with the International Bar Association (IBA), has been updated reflecting the complexity of the markets following the implementation of transparency and application of new technologies. It reviews latest structuring and governance models, as well as operational, litigation, enforcement and key regulatory initiatives in the European Union and United States. It also features an in-depth analysis of the law and regulation of hedge funds in a number of leading jurisdictions. Each country chapter follows a detailed template for ease of reference for the reader.

Publication date: Aug 2019
ISBN: 9781787423060
Length: 427 pages
Price: £275.00

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Infrastructure Finance

An Inside View

Author(s): Martin Blaiklock

This comprehensive new book provides in-depth coverage of all aspects of infrastructure project financing. The boundaries of “infrastructure” are clearly defined and the key processes – from project concept via funding mechanisms, risk analysis, financial structuring and funding sources, to financial close and implementation – are examined in detail. 

Publication date: Aug 2017
ISBN: 9781787420830
Length: 297 pages
Price: £138.00

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Insurance and Reinsurance in the MENA Region:

A Legal and Regulatory Guide

Author(s): Michael Kortbawi, Rima Mrad, Irshied Tayeb, Nadim Bardawil and Mamoon Ashraf

This book aims to provide foreign insurers and intermediaries looking to enter the market with practical, up-to-date guidance on setting up in the MENA region. The countries featured in the book are Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.

Publication date: Aug 2013
ISBN: 9781905783588
Length: 262 pages
Price: £138.00

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Islamic Finance:

A Practical Guide, Second Edition

Consulting editor(s): Rahail Ali, Hogan Lovells LLP

This second edition features fully updated, insightful chapters by leading practitioners in Islamic financing and analyses market trends, key developments and structures for sukuk, syndications, funds, takaful, project financing and Islamic liquidity management. New to the second edition are chapters on the regulation of Islamic finance and an overview of the sukuk market.

Publication date: Jan 2014
ISBN: 9781905783984
Length: 200 pages
Price: £135.00

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Licences and Insolvency:

A Practical Global Guide to the Effects of Insolvency on IP Licence Agreements

Consulting editor(s): Matthias Nordmann, Ulrich Reber and Marcel Willems, on behalf of the International Bar Association

This practical handbook, published in association with the International Bar Association, provides an overview of the most relevant legal issues in over 25 of the most important business nations around the globe. It provides guidance to licensors, licensees, insolvency practitioners and their attorneys to promote a better understanding of the insolvency mechanisms in these countries and the effect that such proceedings may have upon licence agreements with an insolvent entity.

Publication date: Oct 2014
ISBN: 9781909416253
Length: 328 pages
Price: £128.00

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M&A in the Middle East:

A Practical Regional Guide

Consulting editor(s): Michael Kortbawi - Bin Shabib & Associates (BSA) LLP

M&A in the Middle East is a practical guide that assists those involved in M&A deals in managing risk and expectations, while also ensuring that deals are closed as efficiently as possible. The book highlights the idiosyncrasies and trends that define and distinguish each jurisdiction, while providing up-to-date and practical advice for legal professionals advising on deals. In-house lawyers and potential investors will also benefit from this valuable guide.

Publication date: Dec 2013
ISBN: 9781905783632
Length: 182 pages
Price: £138.00

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A Practitioner's Handbook

Consulting editor(s): Ranajoy Basu, Reed Smith LLP

Edited by Ranajoy Basu, a senior structured finance and capital markets lawyer who also spearheads the global social impact finance group at Reed Smith, this unique publication provides practical, commercial and candid guidance from an array of thought leaders in the microfinance sector. It will serve as a useful guide to the vital issues and will assist the reader in grasping the challenges and trends that will underpin the growth of this evolving and growing sector.

Publication date: Oct 2013
ISBN: 9781905783977
Length: 268 pages
Price: £110.00

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Oil and Gas Trading:

A Practical Guide

Consulting editor(s): Denys Hickey, 39 Essex Chambers

This comprehensive guide to oil and gas trading aims to fill a gap not currently supplied by other reference books on sale-of-goods law and charters by focusing on the day-to-day realities of trading in the sector. It examines the way in which the oil and gas market operates in practice, taking note of real-life situations that can arise.

Publication date: Apr 2016
ISBN: 9781911078036
Length: 255 pages
Price: £158.00

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Outer Space Law:

Legal Policy and Practice, Second Edition

Consulting editor(s): Yanal Abul Failat and Anél Ferreira-Snyman

Outer space has become a congested environment. The involvement of private actors, specifically, has given rise to a number of legal issues, including questions pertaining to liability, insurance, space debris, human rights and property rights in space. To address these legal uncertainties, the existing chapters in the second edition of Outer Space Law: Legal Policy and Practice have been updated significantly and several new chapters have been added dealing with topical issues including: the regulation of satellite navigation systems, and satellite constellations; the application of human rights in outer space settlements; the exploration and colonisation of outer space; and planetary protection.

Publication date: Apr 2022
ISBN: 9781787424821
Length: 575 pages
Price: £195.00

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Practical Derivatives:

A Transactional Approach, Fourth Edition

Consulting editor(s): Edmund Parker and Marcin Perzanowski

This fourth edition features a number of new chapters analysing the latest trends in areas such as the rise of derivatives referencing cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, the slow but steady move to assets meeting the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria in the area of derivatives and structured products, and the emergence of new structures in the securities finance world. It also includes updated chapters explaining how derivatives are used in the practical context, how the documentation works and any pitfalls for the unwary.

Publication date: Jan 2023
ISBN: 9781787428423
Length: 728 pages
Price: £265.00

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Private Equity

A Transactional Analysis, Fifth Edition

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Consulting editor(s): Chris Hale, Travers Smith LLP

This practical fifth edition introduces the world of private equity not just from a UK perspective, but also that of key European jurisdictions and the US. It explains its rise and recent dynamics, and explores the key ingredients of private equity transactions and the technical issues associated with them. Featuring fully updated chapters by leading private equity practitioners, the book includes high-level analysis of private equity fund structures, equity and debt finance, acquisition documentation, due diligence, tax structuring, and public-to-privates.

Publication date: Aug 2024
ISBN: 9781787429734
Length: 245 pages
Price: £225.00

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Private Equity Exits:

A Practical Analysis, Third Edition

Consulting editor(s): Tom Evans - Latham & Watkins

This practical guide features contributions by leading specialists (including from Latham & Watkins, Linklaters, Macfarlanes and Ropes & Gray) on a range of topics linked to the exit of private equity investments. New to the third edition is analysis on emerging and established trends impacting exit terms, including early management liquidity, the prevalence of insurance solutions and related party or fund-to-fund exits.

Publication date: Jan 2022
ISBN: 9781787424906
Length: 248 pages
Price: £180.00

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Private Equity

A Transactional Analysis, Fourth Edition

Consulting editor(s): Chris Hale, Travers Smith LLP

This practical fourth edition introduces the world of private equity, explains its rise and recent dynamics, and explores the key ingredients of private equity transactions and the technical issues associated with them.  Featuring fully updated chapters by leading private equity practitioners, the book includes high-level analysis of private equity fund structures, equity and debt finance, acquisition documentation, due diligence, tax structuring, pensions issues and public-to-privates.

Publication date: Mar 2020
ISBN: 9781787421844
Length: 471 pages
Price: £195.00

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Profitability in Law Firms

Insight and Analysis

Author(s): Toby Brown, Steven Campbell, Tim Corcoran, Mark Santiago, Shaun Jardine, Richard Brzakala, Stuart Dodds, Phil Nixon, Wayne Hassay, Madhav Srinivasan, Richard Martin, John McCarthy, Jack Kingston, Michelle Peters, Mitch Spradlin

Profitability – on the face of it – should be simple enough to determine. But once you start to lift the lid, there is much more than meets the eye. Profitability in Law Firms: Insight and Analysis provides practical and proven strategies for law firm leaders and managers who want to take their firms to the next level of performance and profitability.

How can they increase their profitability and efficiency without compromising their quality and reputation? How can they leverage the power of technology, data, and innovation to create value for their clients and themselves? Law firms are facing unprecedented challenges in the current financial climate and therefore need profitability strategies to survive and thrive in a competitive and changing market.

Publication date: Jan 2024
ISBN: 9781787429970
Length: 211 pages
Price: £149.00

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Repo and Stock Lending:

A Practitioner's Guide

Consulting editor(s): Guy Usher, Fieldfisher

This practical title features contributions from leading industry participants as well as lawyers who practise in the diverse field of repo and stock lending.  The content gives an overview of the respective markets and examines products ranging from vanilla bilateral transactions to agency, tri-party, cleared and structured transactions.  It also includes specialist chapters on legal and regulatory issues, documentation, tax and accounting.  Together, the contributors provide in one volume a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the repo and stock-lending markets. 

Publication date: Jul 2015
ISBN: 9781909416581
Length: 407 pages
Price: £128.00

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Secured Finance Transactions:

Taking Security, Deal Structures and Emerging Markets, Second Edition

Consulting editor(s): Dominic Griffiths - Mayer Brown International LLP

Secured finance transactions are implemented the world over between companies, banks, funds and individuals. This second edition brings together experts on this topic, provides a practical guide to important legal developments in the field of secured finance and expands further on the work in the first edition in covering the types of collateral used as security, the variety of transaction types and geographical coverage in emerging markets. An invaluable manual for those already present or entering into the financing arena, this title is a critical support at a time of unprecedented international lending activity.

Publication date: Mar 2022
ISBN: 9781787425149
Length: 416 pages
Price: £165.00

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Shipping Finance

A Practical Handbook, Fourth Edition

Consulting editor(s): Stephenson Harwood LLP

Now in its fourth edition, and containing over 500 pages of fully revised and updated material, Shipping Finance includes an analysis of ship mortgage terms and conditions, and mortgagee rights across the main maritime jurisdictions.
In addition, Shipping Finance provides an extensive discussion of the procedure and documentation for registering ships on a country-by-country basis, with detailed advice from local experts.

Publication date: Jul 2018
ISBN: 9781787421400
Length: 676 pages
Price: £195.00

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Sovereign Debt and Debt Restructuring:

Legal, Financial and Regulatory Aspects

Consulting editor(s): Eugenio A Bruno, Garrido Law Firm, TIG Americas

This title provides in-depth analysis of aspects of the intersection between the recent financial crisis in Europe and the law, litigation and practice of selected key international jurisdictions - mainly the United States, Europe and certain international arbitration tribunals.

Publication date: Apr 2013
ISBN: 9781905783991
Length: 231 pages
Price: £158.00

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Sukuk and Islamic Capital Markets:

A Practical Guide

Consulting editor(s): Rahail Ali - Hogan Lovells

This practical title provides a comprehensive overview of the Islamic capital markets, tracking their development from the first sukuks to the current outlook after the global economic crisis and the recent Sharia rulings of the Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) in relation to sukuk. Featuring contributions by prominent practitioners, this book analyses market trends and key Sharia and legal issues and structures.

Publication date: Mar 2011
ISBN: 9781905783427
Length: 181 pages
Price: £128.00

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The Global ESG Handbook

A Guide for Practitioners

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Consulting editor(s): Paul Davies, Latham & Watkins

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are increasingly considered as core business priorities for companies, boards and investors, with ESG representing an area of significant opportunity for many. Navigating the broad range of topics that fall under ESG, including regulatory developments, political impacts and stakeholder sentiment, requires multidisciplinary and global expertise from experienced practitioners.

Featuring cross-jurisdictional insight, this important title covers a range of ESG topics in depth, containing contributions from leading legal professionals, industry experts and consultants. The book firstly discusses ‘what is ESG?’ before covering areas including supply chain topics, financial regulatory impacts, ESG disclosure obligations, M&A and private equity, among many other important subjects.

Publication date: Jun 2024
ISBN: 9781787429765
Length: 200 pages
Price: £149.00

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US Securities Regulation:

A Guidebook for International Companies

Author(s): Eduardo Vidal and Jan JH Joosten

This title serves as a reference for companies and their lawyers on all matters relating to foreign private issuers in the US capital markets. Accessible and full of practical guidance, it addresses topics including  amendments to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules automatically exempting foreign private issuers from SEC registration; new SEC rules making it easier for foreign private issuers to de-register their securities from the SEC and terminate their reporting obligations, among others.

Publication date: May 2011
ISBN: 9781905783496
Length: 270 pages
Price: £118.00

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World Stock Exchanges

A Practical Guide, Second Edition

Consulting editor(s): Hugh Maule, Gowling WLG

As the world shrinks due to enhanced communication through technology, the choices available to companies in search of equity expand. For the advisers guiding those companies, the alternative markets that can be recommended increase year on year. This second edition seeks to assist those who may be interested in the equity markets in analysing the choices available to them and features fully updated contributions from leading practitioners in the field in a selection of major markets, including Australia, China, Dubai, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Publication date: Dec 2018
ISBN: 9781787421448
Length: 405 pages
Price: £165.00

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