Predicting the future – 2021 and beyond

21 June 2021

Mayank Sharma

Mayank Sharma, Project Manager at ProSearch discusses the future of the e-discovery landscape. Where is the industry heading?

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On the Path to Wellbeing in the Legal Profession

10 June 2021

Bree Buchanan

Bree Buchanan, Board President of the Institute for Wellbeing in Law, discusses the effects of 2020 looking at the future of wellbeing in the legal profession with the need to bring in positive change.

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How leaders can improve employee and stakeholder wellbeing in the post Covid-19 world

09 June 2021

Jonathan Fortnam

Stuart Weinstein

It is very important to stay aware of the challenges facing your employees and wider business network as a leader. When you are working with your team it is important to audit (or just ask) as part of the ‘check’ of ‘check, plan, do’.

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Client Loyalty: Do you deliver an exceptional customer experience (CX)?

12 February 2021

Susan Saltonstall Duncan

Susan Saltonstall Duncan, Client, Business and Practice Development Strategist, Consultant and Coach, provides excerpts and tips from the upcoming Special Report Building Enduring Client Loyalty: A Guide for Lawyers and Their Firms. In this blog, Susan examines how to provide an exceptional client experience.

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Outer Space Law in 2021 and beyond

08 January 2021

Nicholas Gould

Nicholas Gould, Partner at Fenwick Elliott LLP, updates us on recent outer space activities and what we can expect to see in 2021.

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Keeping focused on client care key to riding out pandemic disruption

10 November 2020

Will Taylor

Will Taylor, Client Development Manager at Wiersholm, explains how important it is to offer insights and opportunities and how to build 'personal' client interactions.

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How to write a partnership candidate paper with impact

16 October 2020

Antonin Besse

Antonin Besse explains what makes for a good personal partnership plan (PPP).

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New UK insolvency law will change the restructuring game for SMEs

02 July 2020

Alan Tilley

Alan Tilley, Chairman at Bryan Mansell & Tilley LLP discusses the new insolvency legislation that is currently making its way through parliament and the significant impact this will have on the restructuring of distressed SME businesses.

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Essential soft skills for lawyers – author Kim Tasso's research findings

22 June 2020

Kim Tasso

Kim Tasso, Founder and Principal Consultant at Red Star Kim Ltd, discusses her researched results into the importance of soft skills within law firms.

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Partners thinking of retiring - 10 tips to avoid the money pitfalls

15 May 2020

Paul Beber

Paul Beber, Managing Director of Cecil Associates lays out the top 10 accounting and money tips for individual partners considering retirement.

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