Sustaining family fortunes

20 December 2021

Russell Prior

Russell Prior discusses how to sustain family fortunes with good habits, good intentions and good actions.

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The editorial process explained

10 December 2021

Lauren Simpson

In the second of a new series of short blog posts on how to publish a professional book, our Managing Editor, Lauren Simpson, offers a step by step guide to the editorial process once you have delivered your manuscript.


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A few tips on how to publish a professional book

19 November 2021

Sian O'Neill

In the first of a new series of short blog posts on how to publish a professional book, our MD Sian O’Neill offers her tips on how to approach a publisher with your new idea and successfully complete the proposal process. Watch this space for a follow-up post by Managing Editor, Lauren Simpson, on what happens once your manuscript is delivered and a final post on the various ways we market your book to an international audience.

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Managing risk in legal project management: why you need to up your game

08 November 2021

Julie Mathys

Naomi Thompson

Julie Mathys and Naomi Thompson at Exigent discuss the benefits to having a thorough project risk management strategy. They guide you through a four-step successful project risk management process that you can apply and review throughout your project.

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Adjusting the numbers – the future of finance in law firms

22 July 2021

Andy Poole

Andy Poole, Legal Sector Partner at Armstrong Watson, discusses the effect of COVID-19 on law firm management. Did it change the requirements of managing a law firm? How do we move into the future?

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Could law firms have a natural head-start on their Agile journey?

23 June 2021

Chris Bull

Chris Bull, Author and Legal Consultant, discusses the natural advantage of the agile law firm post COVID-19. Has the pandemic been disruptive to your law firm? Now is the time to look at how you can change.

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The game-changer for managing remote teams

23 June 2021

David Skinner

Karen Dunn Skinner

David Skinner and Karen Dunn Skinner, co-founders at Gimbal, discuss online matter management boards. Want to stop spending ages scrolling through your inbox? Find out how to manage your remote team successfully here.

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Predicting the future – 2021 and beyond

21 June 2021

Mayank Sharma

Mayank Sharma, Project Manager at ProSearch discusses the future of the e-discovery landscape. Where is the industry heading?

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On the Path to Wellbeing in the Legal Profession

10 June 2021

Bree Buchanan

Bree Buchanan, Board President of the Institute for Wellbeing in Law, discusses the effects of 2020 looking at the future of wellbeing in the legal profession with the need to bring in positive change.

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How leaders can improve employee and stakeholder wellbeing in the post Covid-19 world

09 June 2021

Jonathan Fortnam

Stuart Weinstein

It is very important to stay aware of the challenges facing your employees and wider business network as a leader. When you are working with your team it is important to audit (or just ask) as part of the ‘check’ of ‘check, plan, do’.

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