The collapse of Carillion – why did it happen?

17 January 2018

Martin Blaiklock

In our latest blog, Martin Blaiklock discuses the collapse of Carillion in relation to infrastructure projects and the reasons for the collapse.

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Space tourism

16 January 2018

Anél Ferreira-Snyman

Yanal Abul Failat

In our latest blog, Anél Ferreira-Snyman, University of South Africa and Yanal Abul Failat, LXL LLP discuss outer space law and the concerns arising in relation to commercial space travel and space tourism.

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Insolvency practice in small jurisdictions

12 November 2017

Paul Omar

In our latest blog, Paul Omar, member of the European Commission Experts Group on restructuring and insolvency discusses insolvency practice in small jurisdictions looking at a study in innovation in Jersey.

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New European proposals for minimum qualifications for insolvency practice

13 October 2017

Paul Omar

David Burdette

In our latest blog, Paul Omar, member of the European Commission Experts Group on Restructuring and Insolvency and David Burdette, Senior Technical Research Officer at INSOL, discuss the new European proposals in the wake of the 2014 Recommendation aimed at introducing Europe-wide preventive restructuring frameworks.

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Petroleum Licences in the UK: Contract or Regulation?

06 October 2017

Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP

In our latest blog Marc Hammerson (Partner), Nicholas Antonas (Counsel) and Emma Richardson (Trainee solicitor) at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP discuss whether petroleum licences should be subject to the principles of public and administrative law or if they should be governed by the law of contract.

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Avoiding the “i word”

29 September 2017

Alan Tilley

Alan Tilley, Chairman of Bryan Mansell & Tilley LLP, discusses the trends in the restructuring profession and the move away from insolvency into growth.

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SMEs and Insolvency: Towards a New Approach in Asia

26 September 2017

Paul Omar

In our latest blog, Paul Omar, Technical Research Coordinator, INSOL Europe, discusses efficient and effective restructurings of MSME businesses facing financial distress in Asia.

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Living with family wealth

14 July 2017

Zac Russell

In our latest blog, Zac Russell, founder of Russallo, discusses next gen wealth and what it means to be a member of a wealthy family.

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The General Counsel as Chief Executive

02 June 2017

Bjarne P Tellmann

In our latest blog, Bjarne Philip Tellmann, General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer of Pearson plc and author of our new title, Building an Outstanding Legal Team, discusses how general counsel’s role is being transformed.

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Is gas to power a viable and attractive commercial proposition for the future?

31 May 2017

Richard Nelson

In our latest blog, Richard Nelson, partner at King & Spalding, discusses the challenges and costs of developing the integrated projects for gas-to-power.

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