How to reach out and support your clients

27 April 2020

Katie Cramond

Katie Cramond, Associate Director, Business Development discusses the importance of reaching out and supporting clients while the world battles this global pandemic.

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How to make working from home work for you.

03 April 2020

Phillipa Smith

We have partnered with our friends at Pinsent Masons to ask their top tips on working from home. In this blog post, Phillipa Smith, Head of Learning & Development, shares her insights on how to make working from home work for you. 

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Surviving the economic impact of Coronavirus

18 March 2020

Alan Tilley

Alan Tilley, Chairman at Bryan Mansell & Tilley LLP, explains in his latest blog post how forearmed is forewarned and makes for better decision making.

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From Norway to Savile Row – Anette Akselberg

23 January 2020

Anette Akselberg

Read Anette Akselberg's fascinating story on becoming the first female tailor on Savile Row.

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Energy Storage: A necessary part of decarbonising, smart electricity systems

15 January 2020

Louise Dalton

Louise Dalton, senior associate at CMS and author of the Special Report Energy Storage: Legal and Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities, discusses why electricity systems need greater flexibility and how energy storage technologies play a necessary part.

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Why innovation?

18 September 2019

Darryl Cooke

In our latest blog, Darryl Cooke, co-founder of gunnercooke, discusses the quest for innovation in law firms.

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History repeats: auto supply chain is back on the agenda

06 September 2019

Alan Tilley

In our latest blog, Alan Tilley, Chairman of Bryan Mansell & Tilley LLP, discusses collateral damage in the automotive supply chain as recession in the UK and continental Europe threatens.

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Is it possible to create a mindful workplace in a corporate setting?

22 July 2019

Jonathan Bond

In our latest guest blog, Jonathan Bond, Director of HR and Learning for Pinsent Masons, discusses the impact of being permanently switched on, how common-sense rules have developed into mindful business practices.

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Don't give up

17 July 2019

Catherine McGregor

In our latest blog, Catherine McGregor, contributor to the new Special Report, Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession, discusses the significant imbalance in the legal profession and how working together can improve inclusion and diversity.

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Outer space - the final warfaring frontier?

12 July 2019

Anél Ferreira-Snyman

In our latest blog, Anel Ferreira-Snyman, Professor, School of Law, University of South Africa and co consulting editor of Outer Space Law, discusses the appropriateness of soft law to provide a framework to prevent the weaponisation of outer space.

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