How do you become a Rainmaker?

01 February 2023

Patricia K Gillette

Patricia K Gillette, author of Rainmakers: Born or Bred, discusses what makes a successful Rainmaker

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Learning expectations of Millennials and Gen Z

14 September 2022

Sally Sanderson

Sally Sanderson discusses how to meet the learning expectations of your Millennial and Gen Z employees.

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Keeping focused on client care key to riding out pandemic disruption

10 November 2020

Will Taylor

Will Taylor, Client Development Manager at Wiersholm, explains how important it is to offer insights and opportunities and how to build 'personal' client interactions.

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How to write a partnership candidate paper with impact

16 October 2020

Antonin Besse

Antonin Besse explains what makes for a good personal partnership plan (PPP).

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How to reach out and support your clients

27 April 2020

Katie Cramond

Katie Cramond, Associate Director, Business Development discusses the importance of reaching out and supporting clients while the world battles this global pandemic.

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