How to write a partnership candidate paper with impact

16 October 2020

Antonin Besse

Antonin Besse explains what makes for a good personal partnership plan (PPP).

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The Mindful Lawyer

13 December 2016

Linda S Spedding

In our latest blog, Dr Linda Spedding discusses the mindful lawyer and how to achieve balance in the life cycle of a lawyer’s career

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Better carrots for partner compensation strategies

30 September 2016

Norman K. Clark

In our latest blog, Norman Clark, founder of Walker Clark LLC and contributor to the new book, Partner Remuneration in Law Firms, discusses the best approach to motivating your partners’ financial performance.

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How to turn 'bad news' into a great conversation

26 August 2016

Alison Nolan

In our latest blog, Alison Nolan, contributor to our forthcoming title, Recruiting and Retaining Lawyers, discusses keeping your talented team members motivated and inspired with your feedback.

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Wearable technology: do you know what you are getting into?

08 November 2015

Iona Silverman

In our latest blog, Iona Silverman, discusses the inter-industry collaborations between technology companies and designers as wearable technology advances.

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