Six rules to determine the winners and losers in post-Brexit Britain

31 July 2016

Stuart Weinstein

In our latest blog, Professor Stuart Weinstein of Coventry University, an internationally recognised thought leader on legal risk management, governance and compliance, discusses the lessons risk managers face post-Brexit and the impact of 45 years under the European Union.

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The 10 most important changes to European Union Trade Mark law

16 June 2016

Patricia Collis

Mark Holah

In our latest blog,  Mark Holah and Patricia Collis, co-authors of our forthcoming title on 'The European Union Trade Mark', discuss the significant changes to EUTM law.

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Does hedging play an integral part in mitigating the loss of falling oil prices?

04 May 2016

Iain Sharp

In our latest blog, Iain Sharp, partner at Rodyk & Davidson LLP, discusses Glencore Energy UK Ltd v Transworld Ltd case and the duty to mitigate loss.

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Are we about to see an end to aggressive “schemes forum shopping”?

29 April 2016

Alan Tilley

In our latest blog, Alan Tilley founding principal of Bryan, Mansell and Tilley LLP, discusses the topical subject of schemes forum shopping.

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A new approach to business failure and insolvency

12 April 2016

Alan Tilley

In our latest blog, Alan Tilley founding principal of Bryan, Mansell and Tilley LLP, discusses the new EU regulations to adopt more flexible pre-insolvency processes in the UK.

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Misconceptions and reality of investing in European distressed debt

12 April 2016

Ignacio Buil Aldana

In our latest blog, author Ignacio Buil Aldana, partner at Cuatrecasas and consulting editor of our forthcoming title on Investing in Distressed Debt in Europe, discusses the investment opportunity for investing in European distressed debt.

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The future of business development in the legal market

01 April 2016

Norman K. Clark

In our latest blog, author Norman Clark, founder of Walker Clark LLC and contributor to our newly published title on 'Business Development', discusses the seismic shift in marketing and business development in law firms. 

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Wearable technology: do you know what you are getting into?

08 November 2015

Iona Silverman

In our latest blog, Iona Silverman, discusses the inter-industry collaborations between technology companies and designers as wearable technology advances.

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Protecting the rights of sellers

02 October 2015

Marcel Willems

In our latest blog, Marcel Willems, Co-founder of Kennedy Van der Laan, discusses the concept of retention of title.

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Modern prospects for European insolvency law harmonisation

15 September 2015

Paul Omar

In this month's blog, Professor Paul Omar discusses modern prospects for European insolvency law harmonisation.

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