Misconceptions and reality of investing in European distressed debt

12 April 2016

Ignacio Buil Aldana

In our latest blog, author Ignacio Buil Aldana, partner at Cuatrecasas and consulting editor of our forthcoming title on Investing in Distressed Debt in Europe, discusses the investment opportunity for investing in European distressed debt.

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The future of business development in the legal market

01 April 2016

Norman K. Clark

In our latest blog, author Norman Clark, founder of Walker Clark LLC and contributor to our newly published title on 'Business Development', discusses the seismic shift in marketing and business development in law firms. 

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Wearable technology: do you know what you are getting into?

08 November 2015

Iona Silverman

In our latest blog, Iona Silverman, discusses the inter-industry collaborations between technology companies and designers as wearable technology advances.

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Protecting the rights of sellers

02 October 2015

Marcel Willems

In our latest blog, Marcel Willems, Co-founder of Kennedy Van der Laan, discusses the concept of retention of title.

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Modern prospects for European insolvency law harmonisation

15 September 2015

Paul Omar

In this month's blog, Professor Paul Omar discusses modern prospects for European insolvency law harmonisation.

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UK private copying exception quashed

28 August 2015

Iona Silverman

Read all about the judicial review decision that quashed the private copying exception - meaning copies for personal use are no longer exempt from copyright law.

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Change of Ownership for Globe Law and Business

27 August 2015

Sian O'Neill

Change of Ownership for Globe Law and Business

We are delighted to announce that Globe Law and Business has been bought by a management team which includes Jim Smith and Sian O’Neill, its current Managing Director.  The new company will begin trading on Tuesday, 1st September.

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What the Gazprom ECJ judgment means for the arbitration community

17 July 2015

Edward Poulton

Matt Totman

David Bruce-Smith

A positive decision or an opportunity missed?

Baker & McKenzie's team of experts reflect on the Gazprom European Court of Justice (ECJ) judgment. 

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CIAR – a new arbitral centre

08 July 2015

Carlos Gonzalez-Bueno

A new arbitral centre is analysed by author team Carlos González-Bueno and Laura Lozano at González-Bueno & Asociados in Madrid.

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The burning Issue – valorising society’s residual waste: planning and delivering critical resource recovery infrastructure...

07 July 2015

Adam Read

Dr Adam Read, co-consulting editor, along with Angus Evers, of the new Globe Law and Business title Energy from Waste: A Practical Handbookdiscusses the role of energy-from-waste solutions now at the heart of modern and sustainable waste-management solutions.

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