The energy transition

Carbon Capture and Storage: The Legal Landscape of Climate Change Mitigation Technology

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a quickly evolving next generation technology which mitigates climate change by capturing and storing carbon dioxide (CO2) before it is released into the atmosphere. This Special Report explores the most recent regulatory, political and economic trends and themes arising from CCS technologies and projects to help the reader succeed in this rapidly changing market. 

Publication date: Sep 2020
Price: £75.00



Decarbonising Energy: The Pathway to Net Zero

This Special Report explores the central themes arising from the low carbon energy transition and explains why the challenges faced in delivering Net Zero should not be underestimated. It sets out how the road to Net Zero will involve a repurposing of not only our energy system but also our own behaviour. Written with both the lawyer and non-lawyer in mind, this report will appeal to those with an interest in the energy sector as well as those who are enthusiastic about the implications of the radical Net Zero ambition on the energy system as a whole.

Publication date: Apr 2020
Price: £125.00



Energy Storage: Legal and Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities

Energy storage is a key trend in the electricity industry across the globe, with one recent analysis predicting 942GW of storage (excluding pumped storage) will be developed by 2040.

This Special Report provides an overview of the key issues in relation to the development of storage projects, including:

  • The main technologies
  • Regulatory arrangements
  • Revenue streams and
  • Contracting arrangements

and covers the key policy, commercial and legal principles that underpin this developing sector.

Publication date: Jun 2019
Price: £75.00


Hydrogen Projects: Legal and Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities

Hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe is often cited as the key to unlock the decarbonisation of sectors such as transport, heating and industrial processes, while also transforming the role that renewable energy plays in the electricity mix. This Special Report considers the key legal and regulatory challenges and opportunities in developing, financing and operating hydrogen projects. Written for a legal and non-legal audience, it will appeal to those looking for a deeper understanding of the opportunities in the hydrogen sector and ways in which some of these may be realised.

Publication date: Sep 2021
Price: £125.00