Author(s): Dirk Uwer, Daniel Zimmer - Hengeler Mueller

Publication date: Mar 2024

Format: A4 Softback

Pages: 119

Price: £95.00

ISBN: 9781837230181

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This Special Report is a must-read for anyone seeking to gain an understanding of the carbon capture and storage (CCS) industry. It concisely covers the key challenges and complexities surrounding CCS implementation, and gives an insightful and holistic overview of the international legal framework for CCS. It will be essential reading both for industry professionals and newcomers to the CCS business.

- Cathrine B. Hetland, Partner, Wikborg Rein Advokatfirma AS

This book provides a concise overview encompassing key international, supranational, and national legal and regulatory aspects, along with brief discussions on the technical and economic elements of CCS/CCU. It aims to offer a streamlined presentation while ensuring essential subject matter coverage. In summary, while the book is rooted in the German context, it provides clear explanations and insightful analysis of common EU issues, making it an essential reading for anyone interested in legislation related to CCS/CCU. It is particularly valuable for those involved in implementing the CCS Directive across EU Member States.

- R. Maddahi, OGEL

The work is successful in every respect and offers the application-oriented practitioner a very good overview of the technological, economic and legal framework of this forward-looking technology, which is indispensable for climate protection. It is to be recommended to any user approaching the subject of CCS/CCU from an economic, technical or legal perspective.

- Prof. Dr. Sven-Joachim Otto, Lawyer, Energiesozietät GmbH, Director of the Institute for Mining and Energy Law at Ruhr University Bochum.


Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a rapidly evolving next-generation technology which mitigates climate change by capturing and storing carbon dioxide (CO2) before it is released into the atmosphere.

CCS technology reduces carbon emissions and so plays an essential role in meeting global and regional temperature targets. This second edition explores the latest regulatory, political and economic trends and themes arising from CCS technologies and projects by:

  • focusing on recent changes to the regulatory frameworks for CCS in the European Union and Germany, and also on an international level;
  • assessing the impact of emission trading systems on the economic viability of CCS technologies;
  • providing an overview of recent public funding programmes for creating a market for CCS technologies; and
  • exploring various CCS projects and national strategies in implementing CCS technologies.

Now that pilot CCS projects are successfully proliferating, this Special Report provides the regulatory and political insights to succeed in the rapidly changing CCS market. It is an invaluable resource for in-house counsel, senior managers, engineers, consultants, researchers and policy makers with an interest in the energy sector and CCS technologies and projects.