Consulting editor(s): Florentino Carreno, Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira and Lynn McGrade and Alfred Page, Borden Ladner Gervais

Publication date: Aug 2019

Format: Hardback

Pages: 427

Price: £275.00

ISBN: 9781787423060

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For anyone involved professionally with investing in — or advising on — hedge funds, this book is essential reading.

- Elizabeth Robson Taylor and Philip Taylor MBE, Richmond Green Chambers

And while progress may not be inevitable, change is, and the practitioner looking to keep up with the regulation of hedge funds and changes in that respect would do well to have a copy of Hedge Funds available on his or her bookshelf.


- Kurt Leeper, Partner, Shapiro Bieging Barber Otteson LLP


The new second edition of this volume provides a fresh and dynamic perspective over the law and practice of hedge funds.

- Vincenzo Bavoso, University of Manchester

Wherever they are established, the reach, influence and impact of hedge funds on companies and economies are global in nature. Understanding the interaction of the legal and regulatory frameworks that impact on hedge fund operations has become critical for hedge fund sponsors and managers, service providers and stakeholders.

In its first edition, this practical handbook outlined for the first time key trends in the global hedge fund industry. This second edition, published in conjunction with the International Bar Association (IBA), updates its content reflecting the complexity of the markets following the implementation of transparency and application of new technologies. It reviews latest structuring and governance models, as well as operational, litigation, enforcement and key regulatory initiatives in the European Union and United States. The book also features an in-depth analysis of the law and regulation of hedge funds in a number of leading jurisdictions. Each country chapter follows a detailed template for ease of reference for the reader.

Written by expert hedge fund lawyers and industry service providers - from Borden Ladner Gervais, Sullivan & Cromwell and White & Case, among other leading firms - this title provides up-to-date analysis and helpful, practical tools for participants in the hedge fund industry.