Consulting editor(s): Ranajoy Basu, Reed Smith LLP

Publication date: Oct 2013

Format: Hardback

Pages: 268

Price: £110.00

ISBN: 9781905783977

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Basu, a structured finance and capital markets lawyer at Reed Smith, has put together a varied and insightful compendium of expertise on microfinance, which provides an information-rich resource to practitioners, or indeed anyone professionally involved in this continually evolving and diverse area.

- Philip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor

The microfinance sector has survived the risks posed by the global economic crisis and the controversy of the industry’s mission. Amid changing perceptions of microfinance as a panacea to eradicating global poverty, many positives remain in the quest to achieve a sustainable microfinance sector, which combines its social objectives with the demands of the commercial world in which it operates. Today, however, the sector is at a crossroads, with many questions over the future direction it will take.

This timely book seeks to answer those questions by drawing on the views of different market participants, which will help to shape the road ahead. Specific chapters provide a broad spectrum of opinion on challenges and key issues, including the future of the microfinance sector and consideration of the sector from an investor’s perspective, while also dealing with more specific areas, including regulation of the sector, the role of innovations such as mobile banking, governance and sustainability, and the role of capital markets for financing – each of which will be critical for the growth of a sustainable microfinance sector. The book also provides a thoughtful analysis of the crisis in Indian microfinance and the lessons to be learned.

Edited by Ranajoy Basu, a senior structured finance and capital markets lawyer who also spearheads the global social impact finance group at Reed Smith, this unique publication provides practical, commercial and candid guidance from an array of thought leaders in the microfinance sector. It will serve as a useful guide to the vital issues and will assist the reader in grasping the challenges and trends that will underpin the growth of this evolving and growing sector.