Consulting editor(s): Dominic Griffiths, Mayer Brown International LLP

Publication date: Mar 2024

Format: Hardback

Pages: 370

Price: £275.00

Discounted Price: £206.25

ISBN: 9781787429581

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Over the last fifteen years, securitisation has transitioned from a product that was largely the purview of bankers and other structured finance professionals to a term that has entered the public lexicon, due to the credit crunch. Yet despite its increased prominence, few are confident in their understanding of the complex processes involving many parties seeking to achieve a variety of outcomes.

While many overarching principles of securitisation transactions such as asset classes, regulatory capital requirements and off-balance sheet accounting can be geographically agnostic, each transaction is subject to varying local rules and regulations specific to the jurisdiction(s) in which it is taking place. As such, navigating the myriad of legal, regulatory and accounting requirements necessitates a wide range of expertise, with specialists in one field still required to have a broad understanding of others.

Edited by Dominic Griffiths, London Managing Partner at Mayer Brown International LLP and a structured finance practitioner for 25 years, European Securitisation offers a comprehensive overview of the key structural and geographical aspects of securitisation transactions across Europe.

This book provides an essential guide for any legal or non-legal securitisation practitioner, at any level of experience. It includes key coverage of:

  • a history and overview of securitisation in Europe;
  • key asset classes used in securitisation transactions;
  • non-legal aspects such as accounting, regulation and hedging; and
  • local law regimes across selected European jurisdictions.