Consulting editor(s): Guy Usher, Fieldfisher

Publication date: Jul 2015

Format: Hardback

Pages: 407

Price: £128.00

ISBN: 9781909416581

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Repo and stock lending are now global markets, covering a huge variety of underlying assets and encompassing an ever-widening range of participants, each with a different set of motivations. Their use has increased exponentially since the financial crisis began, and the markets have become more sophisticated and accessible.

This practical title features contributions from leading industry participants as well as lawyers who practise in this diverse field. The content gives an overview of the respective markets and examines products ranging from vanilla bilateral transactions to agency, tri-party, cleared and structured transactions. It also includes specialist chapters on legal and regulatory issues, documentation, tax and accounting. Together, the contributors provide in one volume a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the repo and stock-lending markets.

Whatever your role and whether you are new to the markets or a seasoned practitioner, this commercially focused title will serve as an invaluable reference tool and provide you with holistic insight into the business and law of repo and stock lending.