Consulting editor(s): Roberto Hernández-García

Publication date: Aug 2018

Format: Hardback

Pages: 433

Price: £175.00

ISBN: 9781787421172

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Corruption is an increasingly widespread global problem which affects many people, governments, industry sectors and jurisdictions. In recent years, many countries, international organisations, multilateral banks and social, entrepreneurial and legal organisations have sought to create an improved legal environment in which to tackle corruption, by creating rules that restrict discretional powers, limit wrongful practices and sanction guilty parties.

The result is the development of an assortment of international and local laws and regulations, best practices and many other tools that are being implemented with differing results. Some countries have achieved outstanding results, while others continue to fight a long and difficult battle against corruption. In the midst of all this, corporations and lawyers have to make sense of the problems and learn how to apply the law efficiently and effectively.

This unique volume is a must-have tool for all in-house and international lawyers, legal counsel and consultants involved with local and cross-border corruption matters. Throughout the text, a range of local and international experts provide in-depth analysis of corruption issues and examine:


i)   the current legal regime in their countries;

ii)  the preventative measures that must be taken by companies operating in different jurisdictions;

iii) how to face investigations, prosecutions and trials; and

iv) the impact of cross-border regulations.


This edition focuses on practical approaches rather than theoretical disciplines in order to help readers understand the complexities of anticorruption compliance worldwide.