Author(s): Martin Blaiklock

Publication date: Aug 2017

Format: Hardback

Pages: 297

Price: £138.00

ISBN: 9781787420830

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This book is essential reading for anyone involved in the private financing of infrastructure projects and provides many important lessons on what can go right and wrong. Martin Blaiklock illustrates his text with a variety of case studies, past and present.

- Lord Berkeley


Illustrative case studies are provided throughout, many of them replete with warnings against possible perils and pitfalls, while revealing the steps that should be taken typically to ensure success.

- Phillip Taylor, Richmond Green Chambers


An excellent comprehensive guide to the subject which will occupy a prominent place on my working bookshelf.

- Sir Ian Byatt

This comprehensive new book provides in-depth coverage of all aspects of infrastructure project financing. The boundaries of “infrastructure” are clearly defined and the key processes – from project concept via funding mechanisms, risk analysis, financial structuring and funding sources, to financial close and implementation – are examined in detail. 

Part 1 covers: characteristics of “infrastructure”; financial structures; sources of finance; risk; quantitative analysis; contractual frameworks and project processes.

Part 2 explores: the full range of infrastructure and public service (PPP-type) projects, and highlights the differences between sectors, sector-specific risks and the limits on the use of private capital to support such ventures. 

The text is illustrated with case studies drawing on the successes, and failures, of global infrastructure projects, covering: transport; power and renewable energy; oil, gas and power transmission; water and waste and municipal and public-private partnerships (“PPP”).

The book also addresses the challenges faced in some of the UK’s high-profile mega-infrastructure projects (including “The Super Sewer”, Heathrow Runway 3, Hinkley Point ‘C’ Nuclear Power Plant and HS2), and how these challenges have been overcome. Pitfalls to be avoided are discussed in detail alongside the key steps which should be taken to ensure success.