Consulting editor(s): Denys Hickey, 39 Essex Chambers

Publication date: Apr 2016

Format: Hardback

Pages: 255

Price: £158.00

ISBN: 9781911078036

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The book combines a thoroughly comprehensive study of current issues and it is very useful to have such an overview of oil and gas in one place; supplying also the audience, not just with the fundamental principles of the legal framework of transactions, but with cases, commentary, practical conclusions and recommendations. Review published in International Energy Law Review

- Dr Panos K Pouliasis, Cass Business School

This comprehensive guide to oil and gas trading aims to fill a gap not currently supplied by other reference books on sale-of-goods law and charters by focusing on the day-to-day realities of trading in the sector. It examines the way in which the oil and gas market operates in practice, taking note of real-life situations that can arise.

Featured chapters are written by expert professionals who have hands-on experience of working in the oil and gas market and who can therefore describe to readers the issues to watch out for. Topics covered include international oil and gas trading contracts, trade finance, hedging, insurance, delivery, carriage, damages and even the effect of international oil and gas sanctions. Indeed, the guide contains a succinct account of all the main legal and practical areas that are relevant to trading in the sector.

The publication will be of relevance and interest to all those involved in oil and gas trading.