Preparing for Partnership

A Guide to Achieving Partnership in a Law Firm

Author(s): Michael Roster, David Parnell, Jennifer Bluestein, Pippa Blakemore, Paul Williams, Tom Bird, Nicky Owen, Tony Young, Hung Tran, Jean-Baptiste Lebelle, Claire Rason

Becoming a partner in a law firm is a significant milestone in a lawyer's career, and requires a combination of strong legal skills, business acumen, leadership abilities and a commitment to the firm's success. Preparing for Partnership reviews the essential steps that lawyers need to take to make partnership a reality.

This book outlines the critical factors for success, from building a strong track record to developing a loyal client base, demonstrating leadership skills and meeting the firm's criteria. Contributors to the book discuss how to network and build relationships within the firm, review the financial aspects of partnership, and how to seek feedback and mentorship from other partners.

Preparing for Partnership is an invaluable resource for lawyers seeking to achieve the ultimate career milestone of partnership, and for team leaders and management as they help aspiring partners to prepare. This book will help lawyers navigate the complex path to partnership and realize their full potential in the legal profession. 

Publication date: Sep 2023
ISBN: 9781787429857
Length: 160 pages
Price: £85.00

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Family Offices

The STEP Handbook for Advisers, Third Edition

Consulting editor(s): Barbara R Hauser & Nicola Saccardo

Prepared in association with STEP, the world’s leading organisation for private wealth professionals, this new edition of Family Offices has been fully updated and features a number of new chapters, all written by the leading experts in the field.

The third edition of this practical guide steers readers through the family office model, from its inception to the final stage in its ‘life cycle’.

Publication date: Sep 2023
ISBN: 9781787429642
Length: 487 pages
Price: £245.00

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Negotiating Technology Contracts, Second Edition

Author(s): Kit Burden, Mark O'Conor and Duncan Pithouse

This second edition provides a practical, commercial guide to negotiations without a heavy focus on ‘black letter law’, and seeks to explain the perspectives of both sides of the negotiating table on a clause-by-clause basis, clearly setting out the key points they will want to protect – and why – while also offering suggestions as to what they may be willing to concede or compromise upon.

The title is written with the benefit of DLA Piper’s unparalleled view of the global market for technology sourcing and outsourcing projects, and from acting for customers and service providers in this space over many years and in many jurisdictions.

Publication date: Aug 2023
ISBN: 9781787429796
Length: 329 pages
Price: £195.00

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Handbook of Legal Tech

Consulting editor(s): Colin S. Levy

By reading and using the insights shared in this title, learn how to reconcile technology's inescapable presence with the fear of the unknown it often brings about. Edited by Colin S. Levy, a well-known legal tech influencer and advocate, Handbook of Legal Tech provides guidance from many of the leading figures within the legal tech space on the different parts of law practice being enhanced and improved by technology. Each chapter covers a key area of legal tech, including automation, contract management, blockchain, use of artificial intelligence, and legal analytics, and contains first-hand insights into the development and adoption of legal technology and actionable data around best uses for different types of legal technologies. Legal ethics and the future of legal tech are also explored.

Publication date: Jul 2023
ISBN: 9781787429673
Length: 244 pages
Price: £149.00

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Investing in Distressed Debt in Europe, Second Edition

The TMA Handbook for Practitioners

Consulting editor(s): Ignacio Buil Aldana and Patricia Álvarez Alonso - Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira

This second edition, co-published with TMA Europe, provides an overview of the European distressed-debt market and covers, among other topics:

  • non-performing loans;
  • direct lending; and
  • restructuring and workouts.

It explores these subjects from a pan-European viewpoint and includes a comprehensive analysis of how the Restructuring Directive has been implemented. Chapters have been written by leading experts in the field, supported by consulting editors Ignacio Buil Aldana and Patricia Alvarez Alonso, partners in the restructuring, insolvency and special situations team at Spanish law firm Cuatrecasas.

Publication date: Jul 2023
ISBN: 9781787429376
Length: 323 pages
Price: £195.00

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Private Trust Companies

A Handbook for Advisers, Second Edition

Consulting editor(s): Todd Mayo

Private trust companies play an increasingly important role in the wealth structures of many ultra-wealthy families, offering a high degree of control and flexibility in the administration of a family’s trusts and the management of trust assets. Featuring chapters written by leading practitioners from firms including Appleby, McDermott, Will & Emery and Squire Patton Boggs, this edition fully explores the legal, regulatory and practical dimensions of forming and operating a private trust company.

This title's content shines a light on organisational and operational issues such as designing a private trust company’s ownership structure, implementing proper internal controls, outsourcing services and working with professional advisers. Important matters like coordinating with the family office, communicating with family, protecting privacy and handling disputes involving private trust companies are also tackled.

Publication date: Jul 2023
ISBN: 9781787429611
Length: 379 pages
Price: £225.00

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Maximising Economic Recovery

A New Approach to Regulating the UK's Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Author(s): Judith Aldersey-Williams, Valerie Allan

Maximising Economic Recovery is not a complete guide to oil and gas industry regulation in the UK; instead, it is specific to the MER UK regime. It describes the legislative changes that introduced the regime, the nature of the NSTA, and how it uses ‘soft power’ to achieve many of its aims.

The title also describes the regulatory tools at the NSTA’s disposal including the nature of the OGA Strategy and how this can be enforced through sanctions, the right to attend a wide range of industry meetings, request vast amounts of industry data and to get involved in industry disputes. It also discusses the increasing focus of the NSTA on the energy transition.

Publication date: Jun 2023
ISBN: 9781787429703
Length: 296 pages
Price: £195.00

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Managing and Developing Your Career as an In-house Lawyer

Author(s): Ian White, Simon McCall

Managing and Developing Your Career as an In-house Lawyer by Ian White and Simon McCall is a companion to their report Your Role as General Counsel: How to Survive and Thrive in Your Role as GC. It seeks to provide practical ideas and tips on how a busy in-house lawyer can actively manage their own development. The aim is to help them perform more effectively in their current role and also prepare them for promotion or a move elsewhere.

Publication date: May 2023
ISBN: 9781787428515
Length: 80 pages
Price: £75.00

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The Handbook for Legal Innovation

Author(s): Nicola Shaver

Although legal innovation is critical for law firms, with clients pushing for more efficient, cost-effective, and automated services, very little has been written about how to drive successful enterprise-wide transformation efforts. As innovation and legal operations functions proliferate globally, Nicola Shaver has written the first definitive book to guide legal professionals through setting up an effective innovation function and driving successful culture change and initiatives across a legal organization.

In The Handbook for Legal Innovation, Shaver, the 2020 ILTA Legal Innovation Leader of the Year and a College of Law Practice Management Fellow, outlines how to set up an effective strategy for innovation, provides practical guides for conducting current-state audits, establishes frameworks to help identify project priorities, and outlines how to build and grow the right team. With 20 years of experience in the legal industry, including a decade each of practicing law and driving innovation initiatives in large legal organizations, Shaver draws upon her experience as well as broad industry knowledge to inform this practical guide.

Publication date: May 2023
ISBN: 9781787429130
Length: 294 pages
Price: £75.00

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Good Governance in Law Firms

A Strategic Approach to Executive Decision Making and Management Structures, Second Edition

Consulting editor(s): Norman K Clark on behalf of the International Bar Association

Good governance has become a critical condition for law firms of all sizes to meet the new, fast-moving opportunities of fast-changing markets for legal services — much more than just having a good partnership agreement.

With new insights and substantially updated guidance derived from the recent developments and disruptions of the past ten years, this second edition, published in association with the International Bar Association, concludes with an examination of emerging trends that will shape law firm governance in the future. It provides visionary, but entirely realistic, insights into how law firm governance will need to continue to adapt to new regulatory regimes for the legal profession, stress testing concepts and new alternative business structures.

Publication date: Apr 2023
ISBN: 9781787429345
Length: 315 pages
Price: £165.00

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Legal Practice in the Digital Age

Author(s): Paul Caddy, David Jackson, Tony Randle

Legal Practice in the Digital Age contains the hard-won insights lawyers and firms need to survive and thrive in the complex, post-pandemic age. It demonstrates how firms can embrace technological change, from taking a people-centric approach, to technology and innovation, to entrenching forward-thinking new mindsets into your firm’s DNA. This guide is filled with insightful case studies and practical tips to give your firm the edge it needs and make the changes necessary for future success.

Publication date: Mar 2023
ISBN: 9781787429314
Length: 474 pages
Price: £95.00

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The Encyclopaedia of Midstream and Downstream Oil and Gas

Second Edition

Consulting editor(s): Eduardo G Pereira, Kim Talus and Reg Fowler

This new edition uniquely combines an encyclopaedia with commentary on both midstream and downstream activities. The topics it covers include energy policies; the relevant players in the sector - from governmental authorities to national oil companies; gas storage; the regulatory and contractual frameworks governing gas and sales agreements; liquefied natural gas; pipelines; distribution networks; and refineries. It has also been expanded with new chapters covering topics such as shipping; antitrust; third-party access; taxation; and ESG.

Publication date: Mar 2023
ISBN: 9781787429406
Length: 293 pages
Price: £195.00

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Great Legal Writing:

Lessons from Literature

Author(s): Max Barrett

This book provides key lessons on legal writing that can be gleaned from various leading authors of the past and brought to bear in crafting more polished legal texts. Among the great authors considered are Joseph Conrad, Guy de Maupassant, E.M. Forster, Thomas Hardy, Henry James, D.H. Lawrence, Robert Louis Stevenson and Virginia Woolf. This book contains invaluable guidance to help all those involved in legal writing to hone their writing skills.

Publication date: Feb 2023
ISBN: 9781787429499
Length: 293 pages
Price: £75.00

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Practical Derivatives:

A Transactional Approach, Fourth Edition

Consulting editor(s): Edmund Parker and Marcin Perzanowski

This fourth edition features a number of new chapters analysing the latest trends in areas such as the rise of derivatives referencing cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, the slow but steady move to assets meeting the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria in the area of derivatives and structured products, and the emergence of new structures in the securities finance world. It also includes updated chapters explaining how derivatives are used in the practical context, how the documentation works and any pitfalls for the unwary.

Publication date: Jan 2023
ISBN: 9781787428423
Length: 728 pages
Price: £265.00

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Rise of the Legal COO, Second Edition

Author(s): Chris Bull, Laura McNair, Stephen Allen, Mark J. Masson, Paul Bennett, Patrick J. McKenna, Steve Nelson, Kate Boyd, David S. Schaefer, James G. Perkins, Kiran Scarr, Peter Blair, Kimberly A. Gardner, Ricarda Hauke, Andrew Keith, Jennifer P. Keller, Darren Mitchell, William Robins

With contributions from a number of current law firm COOs, alongside some of the most respected and sought-after consultants working in this space, this second edition of Rise of the Legal COO examines the scope and variety of the legal COO role, and how the challenges and demands of the position have altered as law firms have evolved. It contains updated chapters from the first edition, and several brand new chapters. There are also all-new, exclusive interviews with legal COOs from a variety of national and international firms.

Publication date: Jan 2023
ISBN: 9781787429468
Length: 159 pages
Price: £235.00

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Knowledge Management in Law Firms:

Challenges and Opportunities Post-Pandemic

Author(s): Nick Milton, Chris Boyd, Amy Halverson, Ian Rodwell, Joe Cohen, Andrea Miskolczi, Jonna Vainikainen, Elisabeth Cappuyns, James Loft, Jon Beaumont, James G. Perkins, Gordon Vala-Webb, Mark Gediman, Kevin Miles, Tara Pichardo-Angadi, Orla Bingham, Katherine Lang, Kathy Skinner, Anthony J Rhem, Tiffany M. O’Neil

This book is the essential guide to the evolution of law firm knowledge management. It covers how to revisit your strategy in light of recent and future changes, the expansion of knowledge management to encompass legal tech and innovation, the rise of the importance of data, strategies for overcoming the challenges hybrid and virtual working pose to knowledge management, managing knowledge teams, and much more.

Publication date: Jan 2023
ISBN: 9781787429437
Length: 139 pages
Price: £149.00

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Rainmakers: Born or Bred

Second edition

Author(s): Patricia K. Gillette, Rebecca Harding

Rainmakers: Born or Bred is about changing the business development conversation and focusing on how remote working has impacted the way business opportunities can be cultivated and developed. The book explores the personal characteristics that are common in successful rainmakers – and what holds others back from achieving their true potential. The book advocates stripping away the negative associations many lawyers have with the “S” word – selling – as this is a crucial step in redefining our approach to business development. It explores the benefits to stepping out of the safety net of simply being a great lawyer – which is vital in today’s competitive market. Successful rainmakers know how to truly engage with clients, how to understand their business needs and challenges, and how to make their lives easier. This combination of skills attracts and builds sustainable, rewarding client relationships.

Publication date: Jan 2023
ISBN: 9781787429253
Length: 83 pages
Price: £75.00

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