Crypto Assets in Trusts and Foundations

Consulting editor(s): Niklas Schmidt and Ross Belhomme

In such a rapidly evolving arena Crypto Assets in Trusts and Foundations provides a detailed roadmap to navigating the use of this new asset class in trusts and foundations, as well as offering guidance and insight relating to compliance with the respective legal rules. User-friendly and comprehensive, it will make essential reading for trustees, board members of foundations, wealth managers, lawyers, tax professionals, family offices, high-net-worth individuals and, indeed, anyone keen to embrace the emerging landscape of crypto assets.

Publication date: Jun 2024
ISBN: 9781787429888
Length: 295 pages
Price: £195.00

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Upstream Oil and Gas in Africa

Consulting editor(s): Eduardo G Pereira and Damilola S Olawuyi

This edition discusses the opportunities and challenges found in topical issues and covers a country-by-country analysis of African oil and gas, detailing the oil and gas frameworks and key issues in countries such as the Republic of Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Libya, Mauritania, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania and Tunisia. Topics addressed include the petroleum laws, the types of legal arrangement in place, the fiscal terms, the acquisition of acreage, governing law, dispute resolution mechanisms and governmental control. Featuring contributions from various leading experts in the industry, this book will be of benefit to all industry participants and advisers pursuing oil and gas opportunities across the continent.

Publication date: May 2024
ISBN: 9781787428669
Length: 573 pages
Price: £295.00

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Global Investment Funds

A Practical Guide to Structuring, Raising and Managing Funds, Second Edition

Consulting editor(s): Tom Alabaster

Private investment funds are investing more capital than ever and the funds themselves are larger than ever. The industry’s success comes against a backdrop of evolving market trends, increasing regulatory and tax compliance and the rise of ESG. In relation to structuring, fund-raising, making deals, managing exits, maintaining investor relations and dealing with the press, investors and their advisers are faced with unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

This publication provides a wide-ranging and practical guide to the legal, regulatory, tax and commercial elements of establishing and operating private investment funds. Practitioners and other industry participants are likely to gain significant benefit from applying its contents within their own environment.

Publication date: Apr 2024
ISBN: 9781837230129
Length: 303 pages
Price: £195.00

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Legal Operations in the Age of AI and Data

Consulting editor(s): Olga V. Mack, Humira Noorestani, and MbaMemme Onwudiwe

Legal Operations in the Age of AI and Data, edited by Olga V. Mack, Humira Noorestani, and MbaMemme Onwudiwe, takes readers on a journey into the heart of legal innovation, offering an unmissable opportunity to future-proof your legal expertize. The book combines the perfect blend of AI's cutting-edge capabilities with the nuanced world of legal practice, delivered through the innovative LegalOps 2.0 framework.

Combining both theory and practice from industry leaders, insight is provided from legal tech, in-house legal departments, law firms, and academia. Legal Operations in the Age of AI and Data is your guide to navigating the fast-evolving landscape of AI in the legal field with step-by-step practical guides on how to do so. 

Publication date: Apr 2024
ISBN: 9781837230099
Length: 400 pages
Price: £149.00

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Talent in the Legal Profession

How to Attract, Retain and Engage Top Talent

Author(s): Anne Harnetty, Jean-Baptiste Lebelle, Catherine McGregor, Patrick J McKenna, Victoria Cromwell, Charlotte Smith, Caroline Vanovermeire, Kathryn Rousin, Alice Boullier de Branche, Lara Selem, Rebecca Holdredge, Molly Peckman, Heather Suttie, Tara Waters, Robert Dudley, Chrissie Wolfe, Tea Hoffman, Becky Jo Morgan, Serena Brent, Sophia Margetts, Suhail Mayor

It makes good business, financial, and reputational sense to keep your best performing staff, but with the most extraordinary recruitment market in 40 years, now more than ever human capital needs nurturing if you believe that people are your greatest asset. The pandemic changed the way we work forever, and we need to reflect on what we learned during that time. What are the true causes of attrition? How do we understand what it is staff need in order to retain them in the business?

Talent in the Legal Profession: How to Attract, Retain and Engage Top Talent aims to answer these and many more questions. Looking at the perspectives of changing attitudes to the profession, an increasingly dynamic and diverse workforce, the impact of technology, and alternative forms of compensation, and how to future-proof the talent that already exists in your organization, the book is essential reading for anyone managing a legal team.


Publication date: Apr 2024
ISBN: 9781837230006
Length: 203 pages
Price: £149.00

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Culture in Law Firms: Best Practices for Engagement and Retention in a Hybrid World

Author(s): Naomi Beard Nelson, Mary Ellen Connerty and Michelle Egan

Shaping Culture in Law Firms examines how this rapid shift has affected law firms, explores post-pandemic law firm management trends, and explains how law firm leaders can cultivate strong bonds within the firm and with clients, as well as retain and engage top talent. Crucial to all this is the integration of effective diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I), well-being and engagement strategies.

This Special Report looks at the lessons learned during the pandemic and how they can help refine law firm management approaches.

Publication date: Mar 2024
ISBN: 9781787429284
Length: 128 pages
Price: £95.00

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European Securitisation

A Practitioner’s Guide to Principles and Jurisdictions

Consulting editor(s): Dominic Griffiths, Mayer Brown International LLP

While many overarching principles of securitisation transactions such as asset classes, regulatory capital requirements and off-balance sheet accounting can be geographically agnostic, each transaction is subject to varying local rules and regulations specific to the jurisdiction(s) in which it is taking place. As such, navigating the myriad of legal, regulatory and accounting requirements necessitates a wide range of expertise, with specialists in one field still required to have a broad understanding of others. European Securitisation offers a comprehensive overview of the key structural and geographical aspects of securitisation transactions across Europe.

Publication date: Mar 2024
ISBN: 9781787429581
Length: 373 pages
Price: £275.00

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Carbon Capture and Storage: The Legal Landscape of Climate Change Mitigation Technology, Second Edition

Author(s): Dirk Uwer, Daniel Zimmer

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a quickly evolving next generation technology which mitigates climate change by capturing and storing carbon dioxide (CO2) before it is released into the atmosphere. CCS technology reduces carbon emissions so plays an essential role in meeting global and regional temperature targets.

This Special Report explores the most recent regulatory, political and economic trends and themes arising from CCS technologies and projects. It will be an invaluable resource for in-house counsel, senior managers, engineers, consultants, researchers and policy makers with an interest in the energy sector and CCS technologies and projects.

Publication date: Mar 2024
ISBN: 9781837230181
Length: 119 pages
Price: £95.00

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Profitability in Law Firms

Insight and Analysis

Author(s): Toby Brown, Steven Campbell, Tim Corcoran, Mark Santiago, Shaun Jardine, Richard Brzakala, Stuart Dodds, Phil Nixon, Wayne Hassay, Madhav Srinivasan, Richard Martin, John McCarthy, Jack Kingston, Michelle Peters, Mitch Spradlin

Profitability – on the face of it – should be simple enough to determine. But once you start to lift the lid, there is much more than meets the eye. Profitability in Law Firms: Insight and Analysis provides practical and proven strategies for law firm leaders and managers who want to take their firms to the next level of performance and profitability.

How can they increase their profitability and efficiency without compromising their quality and reputation? How can they leverage the power of technology, data, and innovation to create value for their clients and themselves? Law firms are facing unprecedented challenges in the current financial climate and therefore need profitability strategies to survive and thrive in a competitive and changing market.

Publication date: Jan 2024
ISBN: 9781787429970
Length: 211 pages
Price: £149.00

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Turnaround Management:

Unlocking and Preserving Value in Distressed Businesses, Second Edition

Author(s): Alan Tilley

Following the highly regarded first edition, this second edition of Turnaround Management covers important legislative changes since 2018 and their significant effect on turnaround practice, particularly the EU Directive on Restructuring and Insolvency 2019 and the UK’s Corporate Insolvency and Restructuring Act 2020. It covers, among other things:

  • the evolution of turnaround;
  • the influence of the United States Bankruptcy Code’s Chapter 11 on European turnaround; and
  • the influence of US turnaround practice on driving change from default insolvency to a better balance of debtor and creditor interests to unlock and preserve going-concern value in distressed businesses.

Publication date: Dec 2023
ISBN: 9781787429826
Length: 239 pages
Price: £145.00

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Essential Reads on Family Offices

Consulting editor(s): Globe Law and Business

Your essential resource featuring insights from the world's foremost experts on the most pressing topics facing family offices and their advisers today. Contributions have been carefully curated from the prestigious archive of The International Family Offices Journal, co-published with STEP, and the Special Report, Family Business and Responsible Wealth Ownership.


Publication date: Dec 2023
ISBN: 9781787429949
Length: 219 pages
Price: £95.00

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