Consulting editor(s): Vivek Bakshi, Dentons

Publication date: Jun 2017

Format: Hardback

Pages: 204

Price: £138.00

ISBN: 9781787420632

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Shale Gas: A Practitioner’s Guide to Shale Gas and Other Unconventional Resources offers an outstanding overview of the regulatory standards, legal disputes and challenges facing the shale gas industry. It is a thoughtful primer on today’s global gas markets and the legal and political determinants, which likely will drive them tomorrow. Lastly, it convincingly champions this clean-burning and abundant fuel source, which – like it or not – is positioned to be the primary fuel source until at least the midpoint of the 21st Century.

- Dr Fenner Stewart, University of Calgary, Canada, 'Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law' (IBA)

Review for previous edition: This is an interesting book. It provides a general introduction to shale gas and other unconventional resources.

- Laura Huomo, OGEL

With shale gas continuing to have a dominant impact on North American natural gas markets, unconventional natural gas now appears to be causing change in the global supply mix. The extent of this change requires the examination of a unique set of challenges that extend far beyond North America. Complex environmental, social and technical issues must be navigated for the development of safe and sustainable hydraulic fracturing practices to unlock the full potential of this unconventional resource, and the second edition of this guide examines the issues around hydraulic fracturing in a practical and user-friendly manner.

This fully revised edition features contributions from leading authorities in the field. Chapters cover key issues such as: the regulation of hydraulic fracturing in the US, and the UK; worldwide natural gas pricing trends; joint ventures; gas sale agreements; unconventional gas in Australia; and the causes of action and potential outcomes in shale gas disputes. Together, the contributions give a crucial insight into one of the fastest-moving areas of the natural gas industry.

'Shale Gas' is an essential reference tool for natural gas producers, lawyers (both in private practice and in-house), energy industry advisers and end users worldwide, providing a practical and timely overview of the shale gas industry.