Consulting editor(s): Fernando Fresco, Eduardo G Pereira

Publication date: May 2015

Format: Hardback

Pages: 475

Price: £138.00

ISBN: 9781909416567

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This volume analyses the upstream oil and gas regulations of the most relevant Latin American countries. The book is divided into two sections. 

The first provides an outlook of the oil and gas laws and regulations and the key concerns in the most significant jurisdictions in the region (eg, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico). The authors describe the key terms of each country’s applicable petroleum laws and regulations, the types of legal arrangement in place (eg, concession agreements, production sharing contracts or service agreements), the fiscal terms, how to qualify to acquire acreage, the types of governing law, available dispute resolution mechanisms and government controls, among other things. 

The second section covers the most important topics that may affect the industry from a regional viewpoint (eg, M&A, fiscal and economical analyses, host government contracts, unconventional plays, civil law issues and national oil company participation).

This approach enables all those involved in the Latin American petroleum industry to master the contractual and regulatory issues from a local and regional perspective through one publication. This volume thus serves as a valuable tool for lawyers and other professionals in the industry who are interested in understanding the key legal terms and provisions of the Latin American oil and gas industry.